Middle Years Program

Unit Cover Sheet     

Grade:         10                    Subject:   Science                            Unit: Food Chains


Key and Related Concepts

Systems, Environment, Models

Global context

Scientific and Technical Innovation

Statement of inquiry

Scientists use models to study ecological systems and understand how humans are affecting their environment.

Inquiry questions

How does energy and matter flow in an ecosystem?

What is a system?

What is a model?

Should artificial fertilizers be banned?  

Content / skills (including AtLs)

Food Chains and webs

Models vs Systems

Energy and matter in ecosystems

Carbon and Nitrogen cycles


Information literacy

Media literacy

Critical thinking

Assessment task(s)

Vegetarianism research (D)

Eutrophication Essay (D)

Ecosystems test (A)

Key terms


Key terms

(Mother tongue)


food chain

a model showing the flow of energy (food) from one organism to the next beginning with a producer (e.g. mahogany tree to caterpillar to song bird to hawk).

food web

a model showing a network of interconnected food chains showing the energy flow through part of an ecosystem


an organism that makes its own organic nutrients, usually using energy from sunlight, through photosynthesis


an organism that gets its energy by feeding on other organisms


an animal that gets its energy by eating plants


an animal that gets its energy by eating other animals


an organism that gets its energy from dead or waste organic matter


a unit containing all of the organisms and their environment interacting together, in a given area e.g. decomposing log or a lake

trophic level

the position of an organism in a food chain or food web

Teacher’s name: Harrison, Lorimer & King

What do I think that I know about the topic of this unit?

What would I like to know, find out, or be able to do in this unit?

What immediate questions or concerns do I have about this unit?