Why we Do Family History - Stories and Prophets’ Inspirational Quotes

“Salvation is an Individual matter; Exaltation is a Family matter.” Russell M Nelson, Fall 2017 General Conference

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     There are great reasons we do family history, and the stories, quotes and scriptures quoted here inspire us, as we gain the Spirit of Elijah in seeking out our dead.

1 - Why we DO and DON’T DO Family History

         Don’t discount the Spirit’s help

2 - Prophecies and Promises,  Quotes from Joseph Smith 1823 to 2000

 apostles, and early genealogists

3 - Prophecies and Promises, Quotes from Prophets 2000 to present

4 - Prophets Urge Accuracy and Sourcing on Family Tree, shorter

5 - Miracles or Serendipity in Family History? 

          Amazing stories by real people that prove things don’t just happen!