ANIM 103

Igor Pachkevitch

Initial Storyboard Presentation

You will create a storyboard proposal presentation for an animation project idea. Use the storyboard template to do a rough treatment of your approved story idea.

The presentation must have the following elements:

Setup -> Conflict -> Resolution -> Conclusion

You will be provided with a storyboard template in the shared Google drive folder.

Use PowerPoint, Prezi, or Keynote to present your work.

NOTE: Your performance while presenting the story will count towards your mark.


Excellent 3

Good 2

Poor 1


Consistently effective use of layout types

Good variety of layout types

Uniformity of layout types


Consistently effective use of

shot types

Good variety of shot types

Uniformity of shot types


The action is clearly illustrated

Some confusion as to the action

The action is often confusing


The boards have a great flow and are easy to follow

The boards are mostly easy to follow

The shots are erratic and confusing


The presenter is lively engaging

The presenter is speaking clearly

The presenter is breathing

Full score 15