EPICS Version 4 Telecon, Oct 13 2015


  1. 4.5 release coordination
  2.  Reminding everyone but expecially non-US citizens who plan to attend the APS EPICS V4 workshop, and who have not already done, to please register at the Argonne website https://apps.anl.gov/registration/visitors 



Present: AJ, GW, MK, KK, DH, MS, RL

Scribe: GW

Chair: GW

  1. Release coordination

DH: addressed javadoc warnings. Fixed up “coding standards.” Also pushed fixes to NormativeTypesCPP.

GW: Suggests completing CPP items first followed by Java.

AJ: Points out that for Java, tagging is required because the pom files of subordinates must match their tag, and pom file subordinates must be in place before descendants.

MS: is true main issue because of javadoc warnings?

DH: yes

MS: suggest then we don’t hold up release for javadoc
GW: I would not rush the release

GW: collection of release notes files has not yet been addressed

AJ: I am on vacation till 26th

GW: Dave can you prepare the summary of the release notes files?

DH: Yes.

DH: what about location of RELEASE_NOTES and .html of them?

Consensus: we leave them where they are for now.

MS: and license files are not consistent.

GW: let’s leave those as they are for 4.5.0. Can address afterwards.

KK: points out that pvAccessCPP and other modules in gitHub, have URLs in readmes that point to SF repos and mercurial references.

DH: will do pvDataJava now - tonight GMT. That unblocks pvaClientCPP.

Then do pvDataCPP tomorrow.  

Then normativeTypesJava - so java can be packaged

Then normativeTypesCPP - so cpp can be packaged, tomorrow GMT

(some discussion of licences).

MK: warns he will not be available on Friday, so pressure on Dave! [sorry Dave]

DH: looking at release documentation, many point to a single file, which is out of date.


GW: Agreed, that file is referenced in the Abstract section of docs, but I’d like the Abstarcts to contain abstracts of the modules being described.

AJ: Can we redirect in sourceforge?

RL: doesn’t think so.

Consensus; we leave it as best effort on AJ to update that file for now (today). Following 4.5.0, we actually replace the uses of that file, with actual abstracts.

2. Reminder to non-US citizens who plan to attend the APS EPICS V4 workshop.

KK: complains the web page doesn’t seem to indicate success.

AJ: are all 3 of you coming?

KK: Kay, Klemen, Matt Pearson

Meeting ends 8:37 am PST