Middletown Springs Building Committee-unapproved minutes

Sept 20th 2018

Call mtg to order 7:05pm


Members present: Patty Kenyon, chair, Micheal Beattie, Kristal Hier-sub clerk, Maureen McCormack, Fred Bradley, David Munyak, David Wright, Kimberly Bushnell


Members absent: Robin Chestnut Tangerman, Tom Hurcomb


Public Present: Beth Miller


Approval of minutes of Sept 5th . Motion made by M Beattie seconded by M. McCormack to accept the minutes as presented. Passed


Public Comments: none


Building and Site Design:


Sub Committee Reports:

Review Project Charter update-

Building Charter-

Fundraising Charter-

1.       P. Kenyon updated the committee on the financial requests made of the Select Board at their last meeting by the MSVFD. The Select Board would like to meet with stakeholders for municipal facilities.

2.       The SB approved the cost of hiring Christine Graham and her team for a listening tour and feasibility study for the municipal building. BC Sub Committee will meet with Christine Graham and her team on Oct 4th to begin that process.

3.       Grants- Committee members had found some grant opportunities that we might like to apply for. One for monies around an EV charging station (power connection, signage NOT capital improvements)- the application deadline that make sense for this project is April 30 2019. Another grant was for municipal planning which SB members thought might be able to defray the cost of the fundraising consultant- deadline Oct 1 2018.  A third was through the VT Arts Council to partner with artists. K. Bushnell will attend the info session on Oct 25th.

Marketing Charter-


Other Business

Meeting Adjourned


Next meeting Wed Oct 3rd 2018 7 pm at the Library


Kristal Hier, sub clerk