SV DSA Temporary Bail Fund

Motion: establish a Temporary Fund for Jail Support and Bail (the “Fund”), administered by a Bail Fund Committee (the “Committee”), and overseen by the Chapter Committee of Silicon Valley DSA (the “Officers”).

  • The Fund shall initially open for donations if and when the Committee determines it is needed. The fund shall sunset on June 30 unless extended by a Chapter vote.
  • Money in the Fund may be used at the discretion of the Committee for the following purposes:
  • To pay bail, fines, or legal fees.
  • To provide jail support.
  • To pay for closely related expenses.
  • The Bail Fund Committee shall be appointed by the Officers. The Officers may choose different members by a vote.
  • Any money left over after the Fund sunsets will be directed to a bail fund project chosen by the Officers or the Chapter, such as the Minnesota Freedom Fund.