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what makes an eight - year - old tick

Speedy! High-spirited! Judgmental! These words best describe EIGHT’S behavior. You will observe during this year that EIGHT is . . . ê Self-assured (in public), observant, and

action-oriented. ê More of a person by adult standards. EIGHT also knows he is

“growing up.” ê A positive person, not only when he interacts with you, but also in

his contacts with the outside world. ê More rapid in his responses. At seven there was much “weighting”

before a decision was made. ê More perceptive of the responses of others. ê More conscious of what happens to him . . . and, most important,

what he causes to happen. ê Actively curious, exploring both “things” and “ideas”; an avid

learner. ê More energetic, robust, and curious.

At the same time, because he is open, curious, perceptive, appraising, and evaluative, he . . . ê Gets his feelings hurt easily. ê Dramatizes. ê Is now often hypercritical, especially of his mother and his “best

friend.” ê Is becoming vividly aware of the distinctions that separate boys and

girls and will have a “girl friend” or “boy friend,” and be quite serious about it, although the “intended” may not know of the interest.

Expansiveness, the essence of EIGHT, is also the essence of the school curriculum this year. He now will be using his reading skills to “gather information,” perhaps in a health or social studies book. And writing is now the tool he uses to express ideas in a paragraph and story.

Some of the behaviors described may not always match your EIGHT. Every child has unique patterns of growth. The dynamics of the home life you have created contribute to this, too.

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