St. John of the Cross Parish School
iPad Usage & Policy - 2017-2018

St. John of the Cross Parish School is loaning the iPad to our 4th – 8th grade students.  In order to allow students full use of the iPad, certain policies and procedures must be agreed upon by the school and families.  Please read this document carefully as it outlines our policy.

Students will be issued an iPad by the school once the Student/Parent Loan Agreement has been signed by both students and parents.  The school will provide each student the iPad and charger for student use.  The issued iPad and charger (both block and cable)  must be returned at the end of the school year in good condition to the school.  Students are responsible for providing earbuds, required carry bag and can also choose to purchase the optional keyboard (see recommended keyboard - bluetooth devices will not be supported).  If the student fails to return the iPad or damages the iPad, the student/family will pay the replacement cost of the iPad or the cost of repairs to the iPad.  Costs will be determined at that time by the school. Just like a textbook, the iPad is on loan to the student and is property of St. John of the Cross Parish School.


The following actions will result in a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.

iPad privileges will be revoked if students violate the Acceptable Use Policy


iPad Policy/Procedures

Student and Parent Loan Agreement for iPad Use

In order to take your iPad home each day, you must be willing to accept the following responsibilities:


The following actions will result in a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy.

iPad privileges will be revoked if students violate the Acceptable Use Policy



DAMAGE:  Students/parents are responsible for full payment of damages to the iPads.  

_____I agree to pay for the replacement of the iPad at a cost not to exceed the actual cost of the iPad, should the iPad be stolen, lost or damaged in any way.  I also agree to replace any missing or damaged sleeve , charger, or other accessories.

Charger Block: Current Apple Education Pricing

Charger Cable: Current Apple Education Pricing

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  In cases of theft or vandalism, the student or parent MUST file a police/fire report.  A copy of the police/fire report must be provided to the principal’s office.

Parent/s Name (Please print):______________________________________________________

Parent/s Signature___________________________________Homeroom #:_________________

Student Name (Please print):_______________________________________________________

Student signature:__________________________________________Date:_________________

We have read and agree to the stipulations set forth in this document including the iPad Policy/Procedures, the Acceptable Use Policy and the Student Loan Agreement for iPad Use.

Parent/s Name (Please Print):______________________________________________________

Parent/s Signature:_____________________________________Homeroom #:______________

Student Name (Please Print):______________________________________________________

Student Signature:____________________________________________Date:______________

**By signing this document, I grant my student permission to use online applications and the SJC iPad outside of school.