Email blast including statement by Barry Smitherman, Donna Garner, Nov. 18, 2013

From: Donna Garner

Date: November 18, 2013 at 10:41:22 PM CST

To: Donna Garner


“TX. RR Comm. Barry Smitherman Responds to Common Core Global Warming”


Barry Smitherman is the Texas Railroad Commissioner who is now running for Texas Attorney General.  Smitherman took the time to read: “Bias in School Lessons: Common Core’s Global Warming” – by Henry W. Burke (with introductory comments from Donna Garner)” ==

Below are two separate e-mails that Barry Smitherman sent to me in response to the article on global warming, and all Texans should find his comments very enlightening. Smitherman gave me permission to publish these:    

11.17.13  -- Donna, I have been battling this global warming hoax for 6 years now. The earth is not warming; we are in a 10 yr. cooling cycle. The only accurate temperature measurements are those beginning with satellites in the 1970’s.

U. S. Co2 emissions are down because of the ongoing recession and the fact that people are driving less. But China and India are by far making up for it as they are the biggest Co2 emitters in the world.

Co2 is not a pollutant and should not be subject to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. We/I have successfully fought the EPA on these issues, and four cases will be heard by the U. S. Supreme Court in March. Texas is the lead petitioner. Other than Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, no other Texas official has fought this tougher than I have.  Please keep up the effort to expose the global warming hoax.


11.18.13 -- In 2008, Gov Perry assembled a task force on federal government environmental regulations that would harm Texas.  I was vice chair of the task force. We were able to defeat cap and trade in 2009 with the help of the U. S. Senate, including Sen. John Cornyn.

I wrote an editorial about this entitled, "Texans will pay a price for cap and trade" which ran in the Houston Chronicle on July 4, 2009.

Undeterred, the Obama EPA, with help from the U. S. Supreme Court (which decided that Co2 was a pollutant and could be regulated from mobile sources), decided to expand the regulation to stationary sources like power plants.

Tex. Att. Gen. Greg Abbott, Gov. Rick Perry, and I filed suit to stop the implementation of these regulations. If we win, it will be a major victory for Texas, fossil fuel, our economy and all Americans.

Barry Smitherman


11.16.13 -- “Bias in School Lessons: Common Core’s Global Warming” -- Countered by Henry W. Burke (with introductory comments from Donna Garner)


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