Poutama news 


 Breaking news in the Pacific Ocean a fishnado was spotted by scuba diver, Sam Brown. Sadly he died after seeing this amazing sight. He was going scuba diving in the afternoon so he went out in the morning to check the weather and water. While he was in his boat Sam saw a dark patch in the water. So he put on his scuba gear and dived down. When he got down he saw a tornado of fish heading towards him. He quickly took a picture and fell to the ground because he got ran over by the fish. Then when he tried to get up but he slipped on a sting ray and got stung. When he tried to swim up he saw a shark heading towards him then he went right past Sam towards the fish. Sam wanted to be a hero so he jumped on the shark and got knocked unconscious as he fell to the ground. A day later he was back to normal and swam up to the surface still dizzy, and knocked into the boat. the boat went upside down and trapped Sam in a little jail cell. He couldn't get up because the shark also got hit by the boat and landed on top of the boat the shark weighed over 200kg so Sam couldn't get out. After 2 days Sam ran out of air and passed away. If you would like to go to his funeral it is tomorrow at 3:00 at the beach.

Story written by Aria Jamieson