Born on September, 22nd, 1980

 Email: mglcel at mglcel in france (fr)

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Currently working as Chief Technology Officer & VP Engineering within Viadeo, I'm managing up to fifty (50) engineers responsible for product development, software & platform architecture, security, infrastructure engineering and data management.

I am always interested by new experiences which involves deep team collaboration, open-source, fresh technology and product challenges. I am deeply passionate about code hacking, especially with like-minded individuals, when working on software which offers real value to users. I am a web addict since its early inception and I am fascinated by its future and its overall perspectives.

My aim is to contribute positively and ethically towards ensuring that it continues to benefit our global society both now and for future generations, as a father for more than ten years now I see it as a fundamental part of my daily philosophy.

  Work summary

        Chief Technology Officer & VP Engineering (50p) - Viadeo - January 2016-Present

Sample projects : AWS migration, Full IT reorganisation, Data pipeline strategy

        Head of architecture (5-8p) - Viadeo - 2012-2016

Sample projects : Full technical stack reboot, Innovative CQRS platform (internal fmwk), Early Big Data ecosystem, CRM platform

Technologies : GNU/Linux, Git, Gradle, Java, Scala, Ruby on rails, Spark, Node.JS, Jenkins, Nginx, Jetty, Liquibase,

       MySQL, SolR, ElasticSearch, Vagrant, Docker, Graphite, Hadoop, Snowplow, Intellij IDEA

SAAS tools: CircleCI, GitHub, Quay.io, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget), Datadog, Heroku,

                      AWS (ECS, EMR, BeanStalk, DynamoDB, SQS, Lambda), Localytics

        Chief API engineer (5p) - Viadeo - 2011-2012

Sample projects : Agile team setup, Viadeo Graph API, External hackdays, Early Node.JS MVC framework, Auto-documentation engine

Technologies : GNU/Linux, SVN, Java, Maven, Tomcat, Apache, SolR, MySQL, Eclipse

        Technical project manager (3p), Software architect, Product Owner - France Telecom Group (Orange Music) - 2009-2011

Sample projects : Semantic Web REST API, Apache Lucene adapter, Orange Music Store mobile app, Business Intelligence setup

Sample suppliers : Musiwave (Microsoft), France Telecom R&D, MicroStrategy

Technologies : GNU/Linux, Python, Java/Maven, Apache, RDF/OWL, Tomcat, J2ME, Androïd, MicroStrategy, OpenRDF Sesame, Lucene

        Integration team manager (6-10p) - Orange Corporate - MDSP (Multimedia Data Shared Platforms) - 2006-2009

Sample projects : Platforms migration, Test & Packaging policy, Software integration workflow, Configuration mgt tool development

Sample suppliers : I.B.M, CapGemini, Atos

Technologies : GNU/Linux, WebSphere, Python, Bourne Shell, J2EE, Oracle, SOA, Tomcat, Maven

Technical team leader (3p) - Datavance - mission France Telecom (alapage.com) - 2004-2006

Sample projects : High-Tech catalog impl, design & development of white label baskets and suppliers mgt subsystem

Technologies : GNU/Linux, AS-400, CVS, PHP5, Perl, XML, SOAP, REST, MySQL, DB2

 Selected accomplishments

I achieved as CTO, with the Operations team leader and all involved engineering teams, the full migration of our on-premise infrastructure (> 200 servers) to the Amazon Web Services cloud from costs evaluation to executive decision, technical architectural choices and necessary software transformations, with costs efficiency in mind during the whole process.

I setup a new data project team within Viadeo in order to create a homogeneous, complete, an easy to use/extend data strategy and technical ecosystem within a clear pipeline from data gathering into a data lake (Flume, Snowplow, S3) and organisation (data warehouse) to manipulation/enrichment (internal framework based on Scala/Spark) and consumption (datamarts generation, update and transfer), on batch and stream ways.

From the tender bid to the technical integration, in a close relation with the CRM marketing director, I setted up, followed and largely implemented a new CRM subsystem for Viadeo, composed of the data management, the internal stack key components changes, the configuration of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the creation of dedicated back offices and analytics/monitoring original solutions, taking in charge an important part of the long and painful migration of the legacy emailing subsystem

I conceived as Head of architecture for Viadeo, with all the team, a new original and innovative platform architecture based on CQRS, Event-sourcing and DDD paradigms : hierarchical assessment for a huge technical migration, specification, proofs of concept, internal framework initialisation and validation, teams training/evaluation and migration management of the code and data (8M€ invested on two years). I setted up a new data platform mainly used for BI and live service indexes creation built on top of an Hadoop cluster (> 30 nodes) and two large RedShift clusters. I also managed the migration of all the legacy log system into a new modern log infrastructure (flume/SnowPlow/Kibana/ElasticSearch/HDFS).

I conceived and drove the implementation of a full continuous integration and rollout process for Viadeo with an heavily tooled ecosystem based on SVN, Hudson, Maven, Ant, Liquibase and Python : branch management for many development teams, merge tools, packaging, build promotion and deployment process and tools. Then later managed the migration of this stack to Git/Jenkins/CircleCI/Docker.

Hiring and setup of the Viadeo API team, with agile methodology. Full re-engineering of the core Graph API engine. I developed the usage of the Viadeo API by partners and internal applications, Technical support to users and partnerships team, set up of an original house-made automated API documentation engine. Development of an innovative Viadeo-specific Node.JS MVC framework for easy use of the Graph API by the API partners dashboard, a widgets infrastructure, the mobile web application, and the mobile applications middle-end.

Design of an Orange Music dedicated RDFS/OWL music ontology, autonomous building (software, system, integration, infrastructure) of the Orange Music API exposed to various partners, development of an original Apache Lucene adapter for full-text search capabilities on OpenRDF Sesame (semantic web technologies).

Product owner (Scrum) of the Orange Music Store mobile application (J2ME, Androïd). Main designer and software developer of the Androïd version. Software architect for the “Orange & Moi” (customer care) Androïd application.

I designed and set up the technical packaging and deployment policy for all Orange mobile platforms (> 1500 servers), with suppliers support, internal staff training. Design, development, maintenance and documentation of the dedicated toolbox. Coherency insurance and update management of the global configuration and deployment repository, transversal coordination of the workgroup responsible for this central repository lifecycle for the whole Orange group. I also managed a huge platforms migration project from Orange corporate to France Telecom group.


French native, English (technical, fluent), Spanish (basic level)



Specialized Master at ISEP [Institut Supérieur d'Electronique de Paris] (valedictorian). Value Added Media Operational Services (VAMOS) - Thesis on social networks, web 2.0, data portability and semantic web following a four months internship at Orange Labs (Mentor: Dominique Cardon)


EPITA South Paris cycle (4 y/5).  Systems, Networks & Security


College Degree Sciences (Baccalauréat S) - Industrial Technologies option - Etampes (91)

  Personal interests

Aïkido, Handball, Running  - Web/Mobile/Software/System development, Lean - Traveling