MOC General Meeting September 4th


Trip Announcements

Sarah is going to the house this weekend to do some trail work. Others are welcome to join! You can stay at the house for free.


80km round trip bike trip to Chambly with Leith. This Sunday, September 8th. You need lunch, a bike and a helmet. Details will follow on the listserv!


Caroline will go climbing this weekend. Looking for experienced rock climbers. Leaving Friday 5-6pm. Details follow on the listserv!


Intro to Kayaking this weekend September 7-8. Morning sessions are for beginners (4 spots). Intermediate sessions are in the afternoon. $30 total, $10 deposit for 3 hours. Details to follow on the listserv!


September 21st-22nd  Beginner Rock School! Beginners welcome. Sign up with Elodie at next weeks meeting.


September 21st-22nd going to Mount Megantic. Easy to Intermediate Hiking. $40 with $20 deposit. Signup at meetings.


New Member’s Weekend 28-29 of September. $35 includes food, transportation and stay at the house. $25 if you bike. Activities include hiking, swimming, anything you want! $10 Deposit.


Halloween Party October 26-27th. Details will follow closer to the date.


Trips in the Somewhat Distant Future: The Great Canadian, Winter New Member’s Weekend, March Jam’s…


Useful Info


House Fees - $10 first night, $5 each night after

MOC Office – Room 436

We’ve got lots of maps and books! Come to our office hours posted on our website.

MOC Adventure Subsidy – One $200 grant each semester (Fall, Winter, Summer) for the most awesome trip plan.