Q. What is Open Access?

A. Open Access is  publishing material on the Internet. The goal is to make publishing less difficult and improve author visibility and citation rates.

Q. Why is open access publishing important?

A. Open access maximizes the visibility and impact of one's scholarly research and allows authors to retain ownership and control over their own work.

For new professionals,and all authors, seeking visibility in their fields, and interested in the widest dissemination of their ideas, Open Access is the way to go.


Q. How can UB Libraries help students with open access publishing?

A. The SUNYport collections in the UB Institutional Repository, (UBIR) , allows students to post their resumes, articles, journals, thesis, working papers, and journals.

Q. What are the advantages of SUNYport?
A. SUNY branding, permanent support, visibility in search engines such as Google.

Q. Who can register to use SUNYport?

A. Students of SUNY colleges with institutional e-mail addresses can register themselves. You can go to  and sign up. You will get an e-mail confirmation to set your system password.

Q. What can students upload to SUNYport ?

A. SUNYport allows you to upload resumes, animations, books, book chapters,

articles, journals, presentations, data sets, learning objects, images, plans, recordings, thesis, working papers, and videos.

Q. What file types are supported for upload to SUNYport?

A. All file types are supported for upload into UB Institutional Repository.

For documents,  Adobe .pdf is preferable.

Q. How long can my resume and work reside in SUNYport?

A. Uploaded material will stay permanently in the system until you request its removal.

Q. How can you search and retrieve student information entered into SUNYport?

A. Once you submit an item into the collection, you can go to “browse” and search by “authors” to see and retrieve student files. You can even go to this link and search for student information

Q. How to logon to SUNYport?

A. After you register and get a confirmation email to login the repository, use your email address and password to login to the system by clicking on

Q. For more information on SUNYport, please look at

A. and .

Q. Are there any charges for using SUNYport?

A. SUNYport is a free service provided to all SUNY students.

Q. Can I print a submitted document in SUNYport?

A. Yes, you can download, play and print files from the system.


Q. I’m not affiliated with UB. Are there any restrictions on what I can access and what I can’t?

A. SUNYport content is open access and publicly available to everyone, including potential employers.

Q. How can I fix an error in an item submitted?

A. Send an email to the system administrator to delete the file.

Q. How do I remove my item submitted in SUNYport?

A. Send an email to the system administrator to delete the file.