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Student /Parent Handbook



Isna Wica Owayawa (Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School)

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Oglala, South Dakota  57764

PHONE:  (605) 867-6875

FAX:  (605) 867-5109 or (605) 867-1363


Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School is a fully accredited K - 8 school by the state of South Dakota and AdvancEd.


When registering at Isna Wica Owayawa/Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School, the parent/guardian and student becomes a member of a team who agree to follow the codes of conduct set forth in this handbook.


The Administration of Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School reserves the right to amend this handbook at any time during the school year.  If there is any conflict between this handbook and the Isna Wica Owayawa Policies and Procedures, then the Policies and Procedures Manual will supersede this Handbook. 


This handbook was revised and approved by the Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School Board on ___26 July, 2016____ and the School appointed attorney on____1 August, 2016_____.

Table of Contents

  1. Mission Statement of Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School
  2. Vision Statement
  3. Belief Statement
  4. Education Goals
  5. Grading and Evaluation Standards
  6. Honor Roll
  7. Progress Reports
  8. Parent/Teacher Conferences
  9. Student-Parent-School Compact
  10. Calendars and Schedules

  1. Goals and Objectives
  1.      Student Goals and Objectives
  2.      Equal Education Opportunities

  1. Attendance
  1.      Attendance
  2.      School Notification of Parents/Guardians Procedure
  3.      Excused Absences
  4.      Unexcused Absences/Tardy/Lateness
  5.      Skipping Class(es)
  6.      Passes
  7.      Truancy
  8.       Inoculations
  9.      Communicable Diseases
  10.      Dress Code
  11.      Tobacco Use
  12.      Drop Outs

  1. Admittance and Class Assignment
  1.      Entrance Age
  2.      School Admissions
  3.      Assignment to Class Level
  4.      Transfer and Withdrawal

  1. Rights and Responsibilities
  1.      Student Rights and Responsibilities
  2.      Interviews and Searches
  3.      Student Involvement in Decision Making
  4.      Student Conduct/Discipline
  5.      Restraint of Students
  6.      Detention of Students
  7.      Expulsion of Students
  8.      Wheeled Transportation

  1. School Rules

        5.1         Zero Tolerance Policy

5.2            School Rules    

5.3         Security Guards          Major School Rules

5.4         Minor and Major Infractions     Immediate Expulsion

5.5         Immediate Expulsion

5.6        Recommendation for Expulsion

5.7        Damage to School Property

5.8        Sexual Harassment

5.9        No Bullying Policy

5.10      School Bus Rules

5.11      Additional Rules

5.12     Telephone Use

5.13         When It Is Not Written In The Rules

  1. Classroom Quick Response Guide
  1.      Severe Winter Weather
  2.      Lockdown Procedures
  3.      Demonstrations/Civil Unrest
  4.      Neighborhood Threat
  5.      Power Failure
  6.      Bus Loading Procedures for Evacuation
  7.      Pick Up Area Procedures
  8.      Violence or Assault with Weapons
  9.      Hostage Situation
  10.      Bomb Threat
  11.      Death at School
  12.      Explosion
  13.      Fire
  14.      Intruder or Disruptive Student
  15.      Violence or Assault, no Weapons
  16.      Evacuation Procedures

  1. Extra-Curricular Activities
  1.      Eligibility
  2.      Incentive Trips
  3.      Student Clubs and Fundraisers
  4.      Student Volunteers
  5.      Solicitations
  6.      Student/Community Relations

  1. Student/Parent Complaints and Grievances
  1.      Complaints and Grievances
  2.      Hearing Process

  1. Student Records
  1.      Student Records

  1. Services and Programs
  1.      Student Advocacy Program
  2.      Testing Program
  3.      Research and Experimental Program
  4.      Library Services
  5.      Food Services
  6.      Transportation

  1. General School Policies
  1.      Change in Times
  2.      Phone Us
  3.      School Assemblies

  1. Student/Parent Handbook Agreement


Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School does not attempt to address every possible incident or issue that may arise during the academic year. This handbook is a useful guide to assist, students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators in making well informed choices and decisions for the most positive educational experience for all students at Loneman School.


Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School, in partnership with the Lakota Nation, will build, strengthen and preserve cultural values while empowering each individual to achieve a passion for education and lifelong learning in a changing global society.



It is the desire of Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School to provide students with the most effective and supportive learning experience possible.  As we look to the future and live out our mission, we envision:


To help Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School remain focused on the Mission and Vision, we commit to the following belief statements:

About Students and Learning, we believe . . . .

About Teachers and Teaching, we believe . . . .

About Schools and School District, we believe . . . .


National Education Goals

Goal 1:  All children will start school ready to learn.

Goal 2:  School completion.

Goal 3:  Student Achievement and Citizenship.

Goal 4:  Teacher Education and Professional Development.

Goal 5:  Mathematics and Science.

Goal 6:  Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning.

Goal 7:  Safe, Disciplined, and Alcohol and Drug Free Schools.

Goal 8:  Parental Participation.

BIA Funded School Goals

Goal 1:  All students will read independently by the Third grade.

Goal 2:  Seventy (70) percent of students will be proficient/advanced in Reading and Math.

Goal 3:  Individual student attendance rates will be ninety (90) percent or better.

Goal 4:  Students will demonstrate knowledge of their language and culture.

Goal 5:  There will be increased enrollment, retention, placement, and graduation rates for post-secondary education.


Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School shall seek, in its instructional programs, to make achievement in both recognizable and measurable outcomes, possible for all students.  It will emphasize achievement in its processes of evaluating student performance.  Grades are determined by class work, homework, test results, class participation, independent projects and portfolio collection.  Grading will be done on a quarterly basis.  Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten students will be graded on a different report card that stresses the skills the students need to master in their grade level.



Letter Grade:











59 - below


Students will receive recognition for academic achievement.  Each quarter the honor roll will be tabulated and students will receive certificates for honor roll status.  The following ways are in which students may achieve the honor roll:

  1. Gold Honors---grade point average of 3.5 or better
  2. Silver Honors---grade point average of 3.0 to 3.4
  3. Best Effort---student truly is working to capacity

*Grade points are figured by giving 4 points for an A, 3 points for a B, 2 points for a C, and 1 point for a D, and then averaged according to the number of subjects.


Teachers will send out weekly progress reports on the student’s academic and behavior status.  Parents/guardians may schedule a meeting with their child’s teacher to discuss these progress reports.  Teachers are generally available immediately after school or by appointment, which can be arranged by contacting the school office. (School phone numbers are listed on the back page of this handbook)

Formal grade reports will be given at the end of each quarter.


Mid-Quarter Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled each quarter.  The date and time of each conference will be announced one week prior to the event. Parents/guardians are welcome to meet with the teacher any time during the school year, not just during conferences.. Parents/guardians can call the school to schedule a time to meet with teachers.


All students at Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School are required to have a signed Student-Parent-School Compact on file each academic year.

Parent/Student/School Compact

Isna Wica Owayawa

(Required for ALL students)

The law requires all schools to implement a Parent/School Compact to insure a collaborative effort between the parent and school is being encouraged to promote and improve high student academic achievement.

As a student . . .

I promise to . . .                                                 I need . . .

**Attend school regularly                                        **teachers and school staff who care about me

**work hard to do my best in class and schoolwork                        **people who believe I can learn and not give up on

**help to keep my school safe and clean                                        me

**ask for help when I need it                                        **schools that are safe

**be drug-free and alcohol-free                                        **respect for my culture and me as an individual

**respect myself, teachers and staff                                **time with caring adults

This is my personal promise to my family and teachers.                     _______________________________________

                                                               Student Signature                                  Grade

As a parent/guardian . . .

I promise to . . .                                                 I need . . .

**have high expectations for my child                                **teachers and support staff who respect my role as a

**help my child remain drug and alcohol free                                parent and caring adult

**help my child attend school and be on time                        **clear and frequent communication from the school

**find a quiet place for school work and make                        **respect for my culture, for me, and for my child as

    sure work is done                                                                  an individual

**help my child learn to resolve conflicts in                                 **a community that supports families

    positive ways                                                **counseling for families

**respect school staff and the cultural differences                         **parenting activities that promote family learning

    of others                                                **classes to show me how to help my child become

**promise to be there for my child                                              a high achiever

**attend at least one parent activity per month

This is my promise to my child and Isna Wica Owayawa.                   ______________________________________

                                                                 Mother/Guardian Signature                        Date



                                                                 Father/Guardian Signature                          Date

As a staff person . . . (Teacher, Support Staff, Administrator)

I promise to . . .                                                 I need . . .

**show that I care about all students                                **students who are ready and willing to learn

**have high expectations for myself, students, and                        **respect and support from students, families, other

    other staff members                                                 staff and administration

**communicate and work with primary caregivers                        **assistance from staff and administration in removing

   to support student learning                                            barriers which prevent me from doing my best for

**provide a safe environment for learning                                    students

**respect the cultural differences of students and families                **respect and support from the community

**abide by the school drug and alcohol free policy


This is my personal promise to my students, their families, the                ______________________________________

Community, and Isna Wica Owayawa.                                Staff Signature                              Date


                                                        Administrator Signature                       Date


Monthly Calendars

     At the end of each month, a calendar for the upcoming month will be sent home with the

     students. The calendar will also be published in the monthly newsletter.

Daily Schedules

     Supervision and the supervised school day begin at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. (unless activities are planned). Parents/guardians are asked to bring students to school only when supervision is available.

School Cancellations and Changes in the School Schedule

     School cancellations and changes in the daily school schedule, due to severe weather,      mechanical breakdown, or other serious reasons that cannot be anticipated, will be announced             as soon as possible. Students and their parents/guardians are urged to listen to the following radio and TV stations for notification of  school cancellation:

         KILI  (90.1 FM) Porcupine

        KOTA  (Channels 3, 4, 11) Rapid City

        KEVN  (Channels 5,7) Rapid City

        KSDZ - The Twister (95.5 FM) Gordon

        KCSR (97.5 FM) Chadron

        KQSK (610 AM) Chadron

        Isna Wica Owayawa/Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School Facebook page

        Remind 101 text notifications

Late Starts

     Poor road conditions may necessitate that school starts one or two hours later than usual.  The

     same radio and television stations listed above will broadcast notifications of late starts in the            

     daily schedule.

Early Dismissal of School

     In the event that school must be dismissed early, due to changing weather conditions that pose

     a serious threat, mechanical breakdown, or other serious reason, the school will make an

     announcement on KILI radio. If parents/guardians will not be home for early dismissals, they

     are urged to discuss and make prior alternative plans with their student(s) and to contact the        

     school with any changes.

     Heat Schedule

     School administrators will monitor classroom temperatures and school may be dismissed

     early due to prolonged excessive heat.  In this event, the school will make an announcement

     on KILI radio.


     1.1     Student Goals and Objectives

     The Board will provide the educational and support services necessary for student learning

     options and experiences that allow for maximum physical, mental, social, emotional, cultural,

     spiritual, and professional growth and development.

     1.2     Equal Educational Opportunities

     Every student will have equal opportunities and access to all school activities, opportunities,

     and support services regardless of race, color, creed, gender, religion, national origin, or



     2.1     Attendance

     Daily attendance of all students is in accordance with State Accreditation Rules and

     Federal Regulations.  “Tardy” means coming to school late for the start of the school day; it

     does not mean being late for every class or classroom throughout the remainder of the day.

     “Lateness” means for a particular class or classroom other than at the start of the school day

     which must be addressed by each respective teacher in each respective class or classroom.  


     To receive credit in a course or be promoted to the next grade level, in addition to complying

     with minimum academic requirements, a student must be in attendance a minimum of

     ninety-five percent (95%) of school within any quarter.  Once a student has seven (7)

    absences per quarter, the student’s attendance record will be reviewed by the School Board.                                                    

     At the Board’s discretion, the student could be dropped from the school. If a student is    

     dropped due to attendance, it is the decision of the Principal to allow re-enrollment.

  1. School Notification of Parents/Guardians Procedure

The school will notify parents when their student has accumulated 3 and 6 days of absences in one quarter.  More specifically:

  1. Excused Absences

It is the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) responsibility to be at school on time; however, there are times when a student may need to be gone.  Excused absences will be given for illness/injury/and medical appointments that are justified by a doctor’s statement.  If a death in the immediate family occurs, that student will be given five (5) excused absences for the wake and funeral.

  1. Unexcused Absences/Tardy/Lateness

Absences that do not have proper documentation will be unexcused. A Tardy is defined as, “a student who arrives after 9:00 A.M. on a regularly scheduled school day. Lateness is defined as a student who arrives at school after 8:30 A.M but before 9:00 A.M. on a regularly scheduled school day. This does not include late starts or school cancellations. Students, parents/guardians are held responsible for being on time and ready to be a positive participant in education. Simply having a parent or guardian call the school does not justify an excused absence.

  1. Skipping Class(es)

Any unauthorized absence from class(es) during the school day by a student, who was in attendance at school during any other class during that day, is considered skipping and that student will be in violation of a minor offense.  

  1. Passes

Students are required to have a pass when that student leaves and returns to each and every destination.  Any student found off the Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School campus, during school hours, shall be considered truant and subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Truancy

A student is truant if he/she is absent from the school during the school day without the knowledge or permission of his/her parent(s), guardian(s), teacher or respective principal.  Disciplinary action will follow the procedures as outlined for minor offense, and law enforcement notified when required.

  1. Inoculations

The parent(s) of each student admitted to school shall present certification from a licensed physician or authorized representative of the Indian Health Service that the student has been immunized against poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis, rubella, rubella, mumps, and tetanus, unless the parent or guardian is willing to certify that the student adheres to a religious doctrine whose teachings are opposed to such test and immunization.  The school shall follow the requirements of the accrediting authority with regard to inoculating.

Note:  Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students must have their immunizations updated before the can start school.  They will be sent home if their record file is not complete.

  1. Communicable Diseases

No student having a contagious or infectious disease or living in a house where such disease exists may attend school until permitted to do so by the attending physician.  Examples of communicable diseases are scabies, impetigo, pink eye, and head lice*.

*If a student is found to have head lice, the parent is given three (3) days to clean the student’s head.  If the student returns not cleaned, then the student will be sent home and the Department of Social Services will be contacted.

Students will not take medications, prescriptions or other drugs while at school unless such medicine is dispensed by a school official acting under specific written request of the parent(s) and under the written directive of the student’s personal physician.    

  1. Dress Code

The ultimate responsibility for dress and appearance of the student body rests with the student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s).  The student’s dress should meet standards of health and safety, not be obscene, indecent or disrupt the educational process, nor wear clothing that promotes illegal substances and/or alcohol or gang activity.  Caps, hats, hoods, bandanas, and scarves are not permitted during school hours or at school sponsored activities.  “Rainbow” bracelets are not permitted.

  1. Tobacco Use

Students will not smoke (this includes e-cigarette, vapor cigarettes, cigars, etc.) or use tobacco in any form or at any time during school or at school related functions.  

  1. Drop Outs

Teachers will notify the respective counselor or principal of any students demonstrating dropout tendencies so resources can become immediately available to the student.  Every student will be counseled as soon as he/she is detected to be a potential dropout and every effort made to improve the holding potential of Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School.

Every staff member is responsible for assisting students in their problem-solving efforts, will serve as a resource for students and such matters will be approached with equity and consistency.


     3.1     Entrance Age

Kindergarten students must be five years old by September 1st.  The Kindergarten program        utilizes the Brigance Assessment Tool for screening and placement purposes.  

  1. School Admissions

Parents or guardians may enroll their student(s) at the appropriate educational level during the school term under the following conditions:

  1. Transcripts must be submitted before a student is allowed to enroll.
  2. All enrollment forms must be completed and signed by the parent.
  3. The student will not be admitted until the following documents are on file:
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Certificate of Indian Blood (or Lineage Form)
  3. Social Security Card or Number
  4. Updated Immunizations
  5. Income Verification (on School Lunch Application) Title 19 / FS Number
  6. Proof of Guardianship (when applicable)
  7. IEP Records – if student is in Special Ed
  8. Transcripts from previous school
  9. Physicals are required for students attending our school for the first time or if they plan to participate in any sports activity.

  1. Assignment to Class Level

In order to assure proper assignment in the class level best suited toward a student’s abilities, placement will be at the discretion of the Principal, working in cooperation with school counselors, teachers, and the parents or guardians.

  1. Transfer and Withdrawal

Students may transfer to another school at the request and authorization of his/her parent or guardian.  Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School is an educational institution and to transfer to a different school, for reasons of a personal nature, disrupts the educational integrity of the other students at Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School.  

Students may request to transfer to Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School at the beginning of a quarter.  The cut-off point for accepting transfer students will be the 1st week of the first and second quarters.  A transfer of credit, grades, attendance and/or special services will be required before a transfer student is formally accepted, along with a conference from the previous school.  

The Principal has the authority to accept or deny the transfer request after reviewing the student’s records from the previous school.  All required documents must accompany the transfer request.

New students will be on a probationary period for 30 school days in regards to appropriate behavior and/or passing grades.


     4.1     Student Rights and Responsibilities

     In order to maintain the integrity and values of the community and to promote the high ideals

     of education, students are expected to maintain high standards of personal conduct.  By

     enrolling at Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School, students and parents/guardians agree to

     abide by the rules and regulations that govern this institution.

     Students are given the right:


  1. To a free and appropriate education.
  2. To attend all classes regularly.  
  3. To complete all assignments.
  4. To freedom of religion and culture.
  5. To unreasonable search and seizure of person and property.
  6. To obey school rules and procedures.
  7. To freedom of the press
  8. To exercise freedom of speech, expression, choice of dress, and length of hair.
  9.  To freedom from discrimination.
  10.  To peaceably assemble.
  11.  To petition for the redress of grievances.

                 12)  To due process.

13)  To file a grievance.


        Students and/or Parents/Guardians are responsible to:

  1. Attend all classes regularly.
  2. Complete and hand in all class assignments.
  3. Respect other religions and cultures.
  4. To obey school rules, policies, and procedures
  5. To not libel, slander, or print obscenities or prejudiced materials.
  6. To not disrupt the educational process.
  7. To not endanger the health and/or safety of others.
  8. To not wear gang attire, pornographic decorated clothing, clothing or jewelry that promotes drugs and/or alcohol use or consumption. (such behavior will require the removal or reversal of said clothing or jewelry)
  9. To not discriminate against others.
  10. To become familiar with the policy and procedures of due process.
  11. To be informed of the proper methods and channels for complaints.

  1. Interviews and Searches

A student may be interviewed and/or searched and their possessions searched, if a reasonable suspicion is given that a student is in possession of a weapon or contraband, including but not limited to drugs and alcohol.  


School administrators, security officers, and teachers have the right to question a student regarding their conduct and/or the conduct of others.  Law enforcement and/or social service officers, without notifying parents, may interview students.  Law enforcement may, at the request of the administration, conduct a canine search at any time.

A student has the right to privacy and security of person against invasion of personal property by school officials.  However, if at any time, reasonable suspicion is given to possession of a weapon or contraband, including but not limited to drugs and alcohol, students may be searched.  When a search is conducted on female students, a female employee shall be present.  The ultimate purpose is to produce a safe and conducive environment for learning.

  1. Student Involvement in Decision Making

The Board believes each student will be given a chance to help develop the procedures, rules, and regulations, which affect students at Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School.  Student participation in decision-making is part of the educational process.  Students, parents and guardians are welcome at Board meetings and will be granted the same privilege of speaking extended to the general public.

  1. Student Conduct/Discipline

The school administration reserves the right to immediately suspend any student when, in its judgment, a student knowingly and deliberately exhibits behavior that endangers the life, health, and safety of that student or others, or that causes serious damage to school or others’ personal property.

4.5           Restraint of Students

Staff and teachers will be allowed to physically restrain students in extreme situations for the safety of that student and others.  

  1. Detention of Students

Teacher(s) or any school official can require students to attend detention for educational and disciplinary reasons. Reasons may include but are not limited to negative classroom behavior toward the teacher and fellow classmates, unfinished assignments, tutoring, counseling services, truancy, destruction of school property, destruction of personal property, fighting, etc.

  1. Expulsion of Students

A student may be expelled immediately if there is any immediate threat to the health and safety of that student or others.

Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School administration reserves the right to act immediately on what is determined to be the overall benefit of the student body and the staff.

  1. Wheeled Transportation

Students are not allowed to drive to school or to school related activities.  Students are not allowed to use any wheeled transportation during school hours or school related activities (bikes, scooters, roller blades, roller shoes, skate boards, go-karts, four wheelers, motorcycles, cars, trucks, pickups, etc.).

Law enforcement will be notified if students drive any of the above described vehicles to school.


     5.1     Zero Tolerance Policy

The School Board and the Administration at Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School support a proactive educational environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Behaviors that interfere with any student opportunity to learn, staff opportunity to complete assigned job duties, and/or any faculty opportunity to educate, will not be tolerated. Therefore, all faculty and staff are required to document negative student behaviors, on NASIS.


This policy is implemented with the desire to eliminate habitual negative behaviors that impede the educational goals set forth by Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School officials. Although this policy may not be specific to each behavioral incident that could occur, the following list will serve as a guide for implementing behavioral consequences.


Zero tolerance policy imposes automatic punishment for the following infractions and/or any infractions that are not sanctioned by the school officials:

1.       Physical Fighting

2.       Skipping Class

3.       Failure to provide a hall pass when absent from the classroom

4.       Sleeping in school

5.       Violation of bus/school transportation rules

6.       Violation of school rules during field trips

7.       Wearing jewelry and/or clothing that promotes profanity, alcohol, and/or drugs

8.       Failure to remove hats, hoods, caps, scarves, and/or headbands in the school building.

9.       Use of any personal electronic device in the school building, including but not limited to; cell phones, tablets, iPads, iPods, radios, etc.

10.   Possession and/or use of laser lights

11.   Internet use in the computer lab that is NOT assigned by faculty

12.   Offensive public displays of affection

13.   “Sexting”, cyber bullying, and or bullying

14.   Willful disobedience, refusal to follow school rules, regulations, and/or direction from any school employee

15.   Profanity and/or verbal abuse

16.   Disruption of any school or classroom activity

17.   Possession of any weapon, firearm, imitation firearm, lighter, matches, and/or any flammable substances

18.   Smoking, possession of smokeless tobacco, vapor cigarettes, e-cigarettes

19.   Use and/or sale of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia

20.   Possession, sale, and/or being under the influence of any controlled substance, legal or illegal.

21.   Robbery, stealing, and/or extortion

22.   Willful damage to school and/or another person’s property

23.   Sexual harassment, sexual assault, threats, terrorists threats, intimidation, hazing, hate violence

24.   Obscene acts and/or gestures, vulgarity, gang signs, etc.

25.   Violation of local, county, state, and/or federal law while enrolled at Loneman School


 The Zero Tolerance Policy will be implemented as follows:

1. Students will be allowed 2 (two) documented warnings for any, or any combination, of negative behavior(s).

2. The third documented warning for any, or any combination, of negative behavior(s) will result in an immediate suspension.

3. The student will be suspended for 1 to 3 scheduled school days at the discretion of the Principal and/or Dean of Students.

4.  Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) will be required to meet with the Principal, Dean of Students, Classroom Teacher, and the student, following the suspension, and before the student can return to the classroom.

5.  Any or any combination of three (3) documented warnings for negative behaviors after the first suspension will result in a second suspension for 3 to 5 scheduled school days.

6.  Parent/Guardians will be required to meet with the Principal, Dean of Students, Classroom Teacher, Counselor, and the student, following the suspension, and before the student can return to the classroom. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will complete the appropriate documents requiring the student to utilize the services of the Counselor and Behavior Therapist, provided by the school, and for no less than 1 hour per week. Parent will also be required to accompany student in their classroom for TWO (2) days AND attend school offered ‘Parenting Session’.

7.  Any or any combination of three (3) documented warnings for negative behaviors after the second suspension will result in expulsion. The student will be expelled for one academic year. As an example, students expelled in April will not be allowed to return until the following April.

8.   Following an expulsion but prior to admitting the student back into a classroom, the  Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be required to meet with the Principal, Dean of Students, Classroom Teacher, Counselor, Behavior Therapist, and the student at least 7 to 10 days before the first scheduled school day of their allowed returning month. The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and the student will be required to present a personal behavior plan to the panel of school officials previously listed. It is the responsibility of the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) to schedule this meeting. Failure to schedule this meeting will result in final expulsion.

     5.2     School Rules

     A student is expected to adhere to reasonable standards of behavior and conduct in an acceptable manner while at school or school related activities. Any deviation from unacceptable behavior by the student may result in immediate disciplinary action by the Dean of Students and/or the Principal.  Students are responsible for learning the following rules that govern the activities of the school environment.

     5.3          Security Guards

Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School has the right to use security guards for the purpose of major disruptions and to help maintain an environment conducive to learning.  The security guards have the right to use physical force when deemed necessary.  The security guards have the right to request assistance from any law enforcement agency.

5.4    Major/Minor School Infraction Definition

Minor Infractions:

(Misbehaviors managed ‘on the spot’. Interventions implemented to address/correct minor offenses may be documented individually by staff)

Major Infractions:

(Are violations of school code which require the immediate attention of administrative staff. Interventions implemented to address correct major infractions are documented in NASIS)

Following instructions

Physical fighting

Staying on task

Continued willful disobedience, refusal to follow school rules and regulations, defiance

Getting teachers attention

Habitual profanity – verbal abuse

Accepting feedback &/or criticism

Disruption of school activity

Accepting ‘no’ for an answer


Asking permission

Controlled substance – under influence

Disagreeing inappropriately

Controlled substance – sale

Waiting your turn


Proper disposal of trash

Imitation firearm

Respecting each other’s personal space

Sexual assault

Staying in designated areas

Harass/threaten/imitate witness

Following hall/classroom procedures

Sexual harassment

Using appropriate voice tone

Hate violence

Harass/threaten/imitate individual, groups, staff

Terrorist threat

Aid/abet physical injury


Damage to property

Stolen Property


Obscene acts/vulgarity

Drug paraphernalia – sale

Hate violence

Receive stolen property

5.5     Immediate Expulsion

Behavior, which may result in suspension and expulsion from school, include, but is not limited to:

  1. Behavior that threatens or causes bodily injury, carrying weapons, inflicting

Bodily injury, making threats of bodily injury, inflicting or attempting to inflict bodily injury through the use of a weapon or object that could cause serious bodily injury to any other student or staff member at the school, or serious sexual harassment.

  1. Any behavior that promotes gang violence including gang colors, gang activity.
  2. Selling, distributing, possession, manufacture, or use of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Theft or destruction of school or personal property of students and staff.
  4. Making bomb threats.

   5.6    Recommendation for Expulsion

 The Principal will:

  1. Immediately suspend the student from school until further notice.
  2. Give the accused, parent and/ or legal guardian written notice of the charges against the student and the nature of the evidence supporting the charges.    
  3. Inform the student and their parent and/or legal guardian of the date, time and place of expulsion hearing before the School Board.  The hearing shall be scheduled within ten (10) school days from the date of the incident, unless there is good cause by the Board for an extension of time.  Failure of the student, the parent and/ or guardian to appear for the scheduled hearing at the scheduled time and place, effectively waives the right for any further hearing, and the Board shall proceed with its decision on the recommended expulsion without the presence of the student, their parent and/ or guardians.
  4. The hearing will be conducted in accordance with the hearing procedures set forth, except the hearing will be held before the Board, in the case of an expulsion, rather than a panel. There will be no appeal of the Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School Board’s decision regarding an expulsion.  The hearing procedures of these policies will be construed to adhere to this section when it regards an expulsion.
  5. Re-enrollment of student will be based on Administration decision after ONE (1) year from hearing.

5.7        Damage to School Property

A student and their parent and/or guardian will be responsible for payment to the school for damage, whether negligent or intentionally, inflicted on school property by the student.  This also applies to any school material not returned, or returned damaged.  (textbooks, workbooks, library books, etc.)  A means of payment may be an agreement to perform a certain amount of community service hours in lieu of money. This agreement must be made by the student, parent and/or guardian,, and the Principal.


   5.8         Sexual Harassment

Harassment of any kind is not and will not be permitted at Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School. Anything that continually disrupts the educational process for another student is harassment. Sexual harassment is a major offense and will be dealt with accordingly.  All students have a right to a safe and secure learning environment.  Consequences for sexual harassment will be immediate and a referral for counseling services by the Student Advocacy Program will be made.

Sexual harassment is unsolicited, nonreciprocal behavior by an employee or student which causes a student to submit to unwelcome sexual words, conduct, behavior, or activity of any kind, and fear that he/she would be punished for refusal to submit.

The school will treat allegations of harassment seriously and will review and investigate such allegations in a prompt, confidential, and thorough manner.

5.9     No Bullying Policy

Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School has a non-tolerance for bullying.  Bullying includes, but is not limited to:

        1)  Spitting at/on

        2)  Eye rolling

        3)  Pushing/shoving

        4)  Starting rumors

        5)  Leering

        6)  Writing graffiti

        7)  Threatening

        8)  Name calling

Students engaging in these activities will be counseled concerning appropriate behavior.  Repeated infractions may result in other disciplinary actions.

5.10     School Bus Rules

To insure the safety of all students on the bus, the following rules will be implemented:

  1. The driver is in charge of the bus and students must obey the bus driver promptly.

Students must observe instructions from the bus driver when leaving the bus.

  1. Students must be on time.  The bus cannot wait beyond its regular schedule for those who are tardy.  The bus will wait three (3) minutes at each stop, then it will continue on its route.  It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to have their students ready at the designated bus stop.
  2. No pop, chewing tobacco, or eating on the bus at any time.
  3. Students will not use language that is unacceptable or disrespectful.
  4. Classroom conduct is to be observed by students while riding the bus, except for ordinary conversation, no “horseplay” will be permitted.  Fighting will not be tolerated.
  5. Students must never extend their arms or head out of the bus windows.  
  6. Students must not try to get off the bus or move about while the bus is in motion.  
  7. Any damage to a bus by a student must be paid for by the student before he/she is allowed to ride the bus again.
  8. Students will be dropped off at their stop, unless authorization is received by the principal or from the parent.  For the parents who call in during the day for their child to get off at another stop, all calls must be made before11:00 A.M.
  9. Students must share seats.  All students must be seated before the bus is allowed to move.
  10. Isna Wica Owayawa/Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School will no longer be transporting students’ home due to illness/behavior/personal issues. Parent will be contacted to pick up the student if needed.  Please keep us informed if there is any change in contact information (phone number) so school officials can contact family/parent/guardians in case of an emergency.


Failure to follow these bus rules will result in loss of bus privileges.  Failure to abide by these rules may result in loss of bus privileges for an extended period of time and it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to provide transportation to and from school for their student(s).

     5.11    Additional Rules and Processes

These are some additional rules to help guide students.  In general this applies to all grades.  

Additional rules:

  1. No headgear worn in the buildings.
  2. No electronic gear is allowed in school, such as iPods, iPads cell phones, Xboxes, etc.
  3. Students will be in the classrooms by the second bell of each period.
  4. Students will not be allowed to leave without the teacher’s permission.  A pass will be issued and signed by the teacher when a student is permitted to leave the classroom.
  5. Students will not hang out the open windows.  
  6. Students will treat all school property and personal property with respect.
  7. Students will treat all staff and other students with respect.
  8. No jumping up and slapping door frames. This behavior soils the door frames and walls.
  9. No leaning against the walls and/or putting hands on the walls when walking to and from classes/lunch/activities. This behavior soils the walls.


     Teachers and staff will regulate the consequences of failure to abide by the rules.

     Students who continually fail to abide by these rules may be referred to the Dean of Students,  

     and/or the Principal.    

  1.      Telephone

The school phone is used primarily for school business.  Teachers and students will be called to the phone only in emergencies.  Phone messages will be given to respective parties.  Student cell phones are strictly prohibited.

  1.      When It Is Not Written In The Rules

 Sometimes an event may occur at school that is not specifically written in the rules.  Even so, any behavior that is disturbing to that student and/or another student’s right to a free and appropriate education can be found to be a minor or major infraction based on the rule guidelines.  Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School administration in congruence with the classroom teachers reserve the right to act upon any behavior that goes against a positive and conducive environment to learn, for all students.


     6.1     Severe Winter Weather

     Teachers are responsible to prepare students to board buses when the announcement is made.

     Teachers will assist students as they board their appropriate bus.


     6.2     Lock Down Procedures

     Teachers are responsible for making sure all of their students are in their classroom.  Once

     safely inside the room, close and lock all windows and doors.  Pull down the shades or close

     the blinds.  Direct students to stay away from doors and windows, use furniture for protection,

     stay low, and remain quiet.  Do not open the door for anyone until directed to do so by school

     or emergency personnel after an announcement is made over the intercom.

     6.3     Demonstrations/Civil Unrest

     Teachers are responsible for making sure all of their students are in their classroom.  Close

     shades if windows face the area of the demonstration.  

     6.4     Neighborhood Threat

     Keep students calm.  Be alert.  Be prepared to shelter, dismiss or evacuate.

     6.5     Power Failure

     Transfer class to lighted room, if directed.  Reassure students.


 6.6     Bus Loading Procedures for Evacuation

     Teachers are responsible for loading their students onto the buses as directed by the team

     member in charge of loading.  You may not be riding with your classroom group.  Make a

     list of all students on the bus with you.  Supervise the students on the bus.


    6.7     Pick Up Area Procedures

     Teachers must work with team members to locate students as parents arrive.  Supervise

     students on the bus with you.  Be alert to any medical needs of the students you are


    6.8     Violence or Assault with Weapons

     If the weapon is not in the room:  Get all students in the classroom.  Follow the lockdown

     procedures.  Instruct students to move away from door and windows.  Use furniture for

     cover.  Lie flat and cover head, remain quiet.  Calm the students.

     If weapon is in the room:  Get students out of the room, if possible.  If students can’t leave,

     order them to use furniture for cover.  Make no attempt to disarm perpetrator unless he/she

     willingly gives up weapon.  Talk in a calm manner to the gunman.  The adult needs to keep

     the gunman’s attention on the adult. “Buy” time until law enforcement arrives. Do as the

     gunman directs.

     6.9     Hostage Situation

  Teachers will get all students into the classroom and follow the” Lockdown” Procedures.                                                                             Follow the  Evacuation Procedures if directed to evacuate.  Take class list.  Account for all students. Stay with students until they are picked up by parents or loaded on the buses to go home. Reassure students.   Assist students to cope with fear and grief.

     6.10     Bomb Threat

     Inspect classroom area for unusual objects.  If room is clear, report this to the office.  If there

     is a suspicious object in the room, DON’T TOUCH IT.  Report the object to the office,

     describing it and giving its exact location.  Evacuate the room or building.  Take student

     roster.  Lock the classroom door.  Upon reaching a safe area, take roll.

     Account for all students.  Keep track of all students until they are signed out or loaded on the

     buses to be transported home.

     Prepare to teach in interim location without usual materials, texts, and equipment.  Assist

     students to cope with disruption and fears.

     6.11     Death at School

     Keep students calm.  Discourage speculation and rumors.  Refer grieving students to the

     Counseling department.  Assist students to cope with loss.  Return classroom to normal  


     6.12     Explosion

     Have students duck and cover until explosions cease.  Evacuate when and as instructed by the

     principal or team.  Take student roster.  Close classroom door.  Upon reaching safe area, take


     Account for all students.  Keep track of all students until they are sign out by the parents or

     are loaded on the bus to be transported home.

     6.13     Fire

     Follow Evacuation Procedures.  Do not exit toward smoke.  Take student roster.  Close all

     classroom doors.  Upon reaching safe area, take roll.  Account for all students.  Keep track of

     all students until they are signed out or loaded on buses to be transported home.  Help student

     cope with loss and change.

     6.14     Intruder or Disruptive Student

     If Lockdown is ordered, lock door, keep students away from door and windows.  Pull

     shades.  Reassure students that they are safe.  Return classroom to normal operation.

     6.15     Violence or Assault, No Weapons

     Get all uninvolved students in classrooms and follow Lockdown Procedures.  Give

     students the opportunity to talk about the incident.  Send strongly affected students to

     counselors.  Bring classes back to normal operation.  Watch and listen for revenge activities

     and conflicts.

     6.16     Evacuation Procedures

     When directed to evacuate to safe area:

     Teachers will tell students where to go before anyone leaves the classroom, take class list or

     grade book, follow assigned evacuation path or evacuate as directed, upon arriving at the

     safe area, take roll, notify school emergency team members of any missing student(s) that

     were out of the classroom when you left, and notify team members if you have students with

     disabilities that need extra help during the evacuation.

     When school can be re-entered:

     Teachers will return to room with students, take roll, report any missing students to team

     member or the office, and report any extra student(s) to team members, so they can be

     escorted to the correct classroom.


     7.1     Eligibility

     Students are encouraged to be involved in school related activities.  In order for a student to

     participate in any activity at the school, that student must meet the eligibility criteria as set

     forth by the School Board.

     Extra-curricular activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Any sport, including cheerleading
  2. Dance Club
  3. Hand Games
  4. Drum Group
  5. Field Trips
  6. Any after school extra-curricular activity
  7. Any school sponsored program

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Receive passing grades of C or higher in all subjects.
  2. NO Office Discipline Referral Forms for the week of eligibility
  3. Teachers will submit a master list of eligibility for their respective class on Friday by 4:00pm.  If a student is ineligible in a particular class, he/she may meet with the teacher after school on Monday to make up the work.  It is the teacher's) decision on

Eligibility for their respective class.

  1. Each student participating in extracurricular activities must be in school the day before, the day of, and the day after that activity.  If not, they will not be allowed to attend any activities until the new eligibility period begins.
  2. Each student is aware of the school rules and may lose eligibility for violating the rules.  Each incident will be judges based on the severity of the incident as to loss of eligibility for one event or the entire eligibility period.

     7.2    Incentive Trips

At times through the school year, incentive trips can be given to reward students for hard work.  However, certain guidelines must be met during the specified time frame for a particular trip:

  1. Students must have a “C” average or above in each class.
  2. A student will have no more than two absences (four tardies equals one absence)
  3. A student will have no Office Discipline Referral Form reports during the specified time frame.

7.3    Student Clubs & Fundraisers

The Board encourages establishment of school clubs, which shall be organized with the approval of the respective principal.

All funds raised by organizations or clubs will be deposited into individual custodial accounts through the Business Office with the expenditures authorized by the sponsor.  However, in all cases, the money raised shall remain in the ultimate control of the School and shall be expended for the benefit of the students, and may not be returned to the donors / fundraisers/individuals.  No gambling or bingo activities shall be allowed to raise funds.

    7.4        Student Volunteers

To promote the concept and value of Generosity, students will participate in the design and implementation of community service activities in the school and community to demonstrate their competency and commitment to assisting their community.  The Board encourages the use of student volunteers in the educational program and in useful community services.  Student volunteers should be able to carry the additional workload without interfering with their academic achievement.


Solicitations for donations and contributions from students are restricted to drives sponsored by student organizations.  Organizations wishing to distribute materials in connection with fund drives may do so with the written approval of the Principal and are to remove any handbills or flyers from the school buildings and grounds in a timely manner.

Student/Community Relations

The Board encourages the involvement of students and community members in activities that provide a positive image of students to community members.  Students should perceive themselves as a valuable member of the community in which they reside, and should exhibit behavior reflective of the Lakota values.  


     8.1     Complaints and Grievances

     There will be times when a student or a parent/guardian will have grievance about the   Loneman School.  Such grievances are separate from student discipline procedures. The purpose of this grievance procedure is to resolve complaints from a student and their parent or guardian    informally within the framework of the Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School and to ensure fairness and justice to all.  If a student and their parent or guardian feel they have been discriminated against, believe their rights have been violated, or have any other grievances concerning school affairs or administrative decisions, a student may report this grievance in the following manner:

  1. A signed written grievance shall be reported to the Dean of Students, or the Principal within 72 hours of the incident.
  2. The Dean of Students or the Principal must complete his/her efforts to resolve the grievance within five (5) school days of the date of the grievance, unless there is good cause for a continuance.
  1. He/She shall meet with all involved parties to discuss the issue(s)
  2. He/She shall keep a written record of his/her activities and findings.
  3. He/She shall provide a written response to the issue(s) with his/her decision
  1. If the  Dean of Students or the Principal is unable to resolve the issue, the grievance may be brought to the Principal and a Grievance Committee within three (3) school days. Principal will follow the procedures outlined in Step 2 above.
  2. If the Principal and the Grievance Committee is unable to resolve the issue, the grievance may be brought to the School Board within three (3) school days.  The School Board will hear the grievance at the next scheduled board meeting unless the Board shows good cause for a continuance, and render a written decision to the complainant within a reasonable time.


  1.     Hearing Process

The respective principal is responsible for providing a hearing for any student and their parent or legal guardian who request a hearing.  A hearing shall be held within ten (10) school days of the date of the incident unless the school shows good cause for scheduling the hearing at a later time.  If need be that a hearing shall take place, it is the student’s and their parents or legal guardian’s responsibility to obtain a copy of the steps of a hearing procedure from the Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School office.  Copies of the Procedure process are available from the secretary in each respective building.


     9.1     Student Records

The Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School shall maintain complete permanent records on all students who are currently enrolled.  These records shall be confidential except to authorized school administration and staff.

     Student records may contain, but are not limited to, identifying data, academic work

     completed, attendance data, standardized achievement test scores, health data, level of

     academic achievement, scores of standardized intelligence aptitude, grades, psychological

     testing, inventory results, and family background information.  These records shall be housed

     in an effort to prevent them from fire and theft.

     A student and their parents or legal guardians have access to the student’s files and may also

     request a change in the records if they feel the data is wrong.  You may obtain a copy of this

     process in the Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School office.


     10.1     Student Advocacy Program

     Guidance and counseling services will be provided pursuant to the plan adopted by the

     school.  Counseling services will be provided by the appropriate school, community,

     and tribal counselors to fulfill the requirements of tribal, federal and state law.  Guidance

     counseling records may not be released to parents, without consent of the student.

  1.     Testing Program

Certified personnel will administer tests designed to yield information on student’s achievement and ability.  The school will administer standardized test to students, which are required by federal and state regulations.  Parents/guardians will be notified in a timely manner of the results of the testing.

  1.     Research and Experimental Program

All instructional material including teacher’s manuals, films, tapes, or other supplementary instructional material, which will be used in connection with any research or experimentation program or project shall be available for inspection by the parents or guardians of the children engaged in such program or project.

No student shall be required to submit without prior consent to psychiatric examination, testing, or treatment, in which the primary purpose is to reveal information concerning one or more of the following:

  1. Political affiliations
  2. Mental and psychological problems potentially embarrassing to the student or their family.
  3. Sexual behavior and attitudes
  4. Illegal, antisocial, self-incriminating and demeaning behavior
  5. Critical appraisals of other individuals with whom the student has close family relationships
  6. Legally recognized privileged and analogous relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians, and ministers; and
  7. Income, other than that required by law to determine eligibility for participation in a program or for receiving financial assistance under a program


  1.      Library Services

Library services will meet or exceed all applicable federal and state requirements.  Library services will be provided pursuant to the schools adopted plan.

  1.      Food Services

All students will be provided free of charge a daily breakfast and lunch meal pursuant to the adopted food services plan.

  1.      Transportation

Within the requirements of federal law, students will be provided free transportation on the established bus route to and from school daily.  The school shall not be required to provide transportation, which exceeds the requirements set forth by federal law.  Students will be transported home during an emergency or early closing of the school.  If a parent or guardian does not want their student transported home in either of these situations, the parent must make alternative arrangement and notify the school and the school shall notify the student’s teacher.


     11.1     Change in Times

     School cancellations due to weather, heat, maintenance, etc. will be aired on local radio

     Stations, posted on the school's Facebook page, a Remind 101 text will be sent out and notes

     will also be sent home.  You may also visit our website at:

         Phone Us

The school phone is used mainly for school business.  Students should not need to use the phone except in an emergency.  Parents will be notified in case of emergencies and other messages will be distributed as possible.  The school phone number is 605-867-6875.

11.2   School Assemblies

All students will attend school assemblies, unless they are not age appropriate, or the student is absent.  This includes our Monday and Friday morning prayer.




I am the parent/guardian of the following Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School students:

Student Name:



I have received the 2016- 2017 Isna Wica Owayawa Student/Parent Handbook.  I understand that it is my responsibility to read and become familiar with the policies affecting my student(s).  By the act of registering at Isna Wica Owayawa/Isna Wica Owayawa/Loneman School, a student and his/her parents/guardians agree to pursue the educational objectives and practices as stated in this handbook and to observe the disciplinary code of the school.  Further, I understand that all norms and policies remain in effect for all students until and including graduation.

_____________________________________________                ____________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                Date

_____________________________________________                ____________

Isna Wica Owayawa Staff Signature                                        Date