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VHS Conversion

Converting VHS to another format

Material may be captured from VHS and converted to another format as long as it is within the bounds of honoring copyright. Please honor copyright and make sure that your capture is a fair use. 

There are three options/roads/tools that you may take to capture and convert a VHS to DVD. They are iMovie/iDVD, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere/Encore. Please follow the links below to see documentation for the tool you choose.

  1. Adobe Premiere/Encore
  2. Final Cut Pro
  3. iMovie/iDVD

Remember when importing or burning video it operates in REAL time, i.e. 10 minutes of film equals 10 minutes of importing.

To burn a DVD please make sure that a USB Superdrive is connected to the computer and that you have inserted a blank DVD into the drive. DVD-R is the recommended disc type.

Questions or problems? Please contact IT Support at or 608-363-2067 for assistance.

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