In SMART today we were helping move kelp from gairloch shore front. We chucked it in a trailer and moved it to the school. It was put on the raised beds at the back of the building.IMG_0095.JPG

The kelp acts like a fertiliser, so it helps the plants that are put in the raised bed afterwards grow faster. Kelp can also be used for beauty and the health of skin because of all the vitamins it has in it and also, minerals like iodine, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and copper. We did this for our Conservation section of the John Muir Award. IMG_0114.JPG Some people were using pitch forks and others were using hands. It was pretty heavy trying to pick up the big bits. IMG_0137.JPG

The trailer at the end was pretty full, if we put any more in there would be a kelp path following us!

By Meghan