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Newsletter 10.0


1.0 AGM

AGM (Annual General Meeting).

October is nearly upon us it’s time again to perform an ancient ritual that is as old as the committee itself; the election of a new committee.  Time to throw out the old and usher in the era of the new. Come join us in celebrating the year with food and drink and to vote in the new election.

Here Is your chance to take part and help deliver the exciting opportunities the biological society has to offer. No prior experience is necessary (except for president)!  You will be inducted and trained by the previous position holders and Clubs and Societies

Positions up for grabs, and how to nominate, are listed below:


Benevolent overlord:  You oversee the whole committee, keeping people on task and making sure they’re coping. Main roles include chairing committee meetings, attending clubs and societies (C&S) meetings, and acting as one of the primary club contacts. You must have held a position on the committee previously in order to apply.


Batman’s Robin. A general committee member available to help out on any task when able and needed. You’re an important wing(wo)man to the president in general club matters, and proxy for the president when they’re unavailable to fulfil a task.


You will oversee the bookkeeping to ensure the club’s financial records are clear and complete. You are the main (but not only!) person responsible for filling out grant applications and the two audits (due in week 2 of each semester).


You are the organized one, or just someone who enjoys typing, in charge of keeping the Captain’s Log. Your main duties are to check mail (general club email, physical mail and caring for Tyson the society messenger pigeon), keep a membership record, schedule committee meetings and record meeting minutes (also feed Tyson). You get to tell peoples what’s what and what’s not, and that is wicked fun.


Social Secretary:

Resident party animal. Main coordinator of the club social events- BBQs, Trivia Night, Movie Night, Cocktail Night- whatever else tickles your fancy! It involves booking venues for events, arranging for food and beverages to be at the events and also for people to be at the events.

Education Officer

·         Involves networking between members, E&CD, volunteer organisations and possible employers.

·         In charge of organising the volunteering information evening.

·         Liaison with E&CD to promote career events to members (fulfilling E&CD sponsorship requirements).

·         Take part in organising large E&CD events (one per semester).

·         Advertise various other career/employment opportunities to students.


You are tech-savvy. You will maintain the club website and facebook page. You are in charge of setting up events on FB and sign-up forms for each event. So you have the force with you (and the power).

Publications Officer:

Your main tasks are organizing the membership cards at the start of the year, and putting fortnightly newsletters together. Please have fun with this position! You can get really creative!

Third Year Rep:

You have super reflexes; your main role is seconding every motion in committee meetings, before anyone else can. Your task is to help out with general club tasks wherever you can. You must be enrolled in at least one 3rd year BIO unit each semester.

Second Year Rep:

Your task is to help out with general club tasks wherever you can. Including but not limited to being manslave for the president (I kid!). You must be enrolled in at least one 2nd year BIO unit each semester.

All committee members are expected to attending meetings (~1-2hrs every 2 or 3 weeks), regularly check your club email, help at BBQs, advertise events, and help organize and run events and camps in whichever ways you are able.

Want to nominate for one or more positions?? GREAT! Send them through to Tom at!

Nominations close midnight the day before, October the 7th. If you can not make it to the AGM itself please nominate a proxy to stand on your behalf, that is to read out a short speech if you chose to write one. Alternatively the returning office or a committee member of your choice can read out the speech for you.

Want more details or have any specific questions about any of the positions, tasks or time commitments? Email Tom at


2.0 Regent Honeyeater Planting 2014

The Regent Honeyeater Projects is hosting an additional planting weekend 4th to 5th of october. So if you haven't been able to get up there yet for some quality planting here is your last chance.  Its not up on their website but Ray the organiser has told us its happening so get in touch with him if you want to go.  

Contact: Ray Thomas (03) 57 611 515     email

3.0 Student Placement with DEPI

The aim of this project is for the student to support the field objectives of the Helmeted Honeyeater Recovery Program. Teams of two students will work together to undertake a variety of key tasks to aid in conserving the Helmeted Honeyeater.

See attached for more info.  

4.0 Student Placement with Conservation Volunteers Australia


Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) is a national not for profit organisation, offering everyone a wide range of hands-on conservation projects right across urban, regional and remote Australia. The conservation activities undertaken include tree planting, weed identification and removal, fence maintenance, mulching and endangered species protection.
Volunteers participate as part of a team on conservation projects, and are given induction and training on all conservation tasks undertaken, along with safety training and supervision. All volunteers are covered by CVA’s insurance policy.


The aim of this proposal is for the student/s to:

- Become involved in various conservation projects across Melbourne

- Gain hands-on skills in practical land management and knowledge in fauna and flora

- Engage with a variety of team members and our on-site project partners

- Learn about how CVA’s programs educate and benefit community members

- Learn about safety and risk management on site

5.0 Website, Facebook page, and contact details

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