Back row left to right:  Sisters Boutoille, Alovili, Burke, Evaga, Hinckey, Pohjoisrinne, Bowman, Stahle, Da Souza, Naranjo-Zazueta and Mariano

Front row left to right: Sisters Liu, Pazos, Raquiza, Ackley, Fernandez, Sneddon and Cardona

Sister Richins is missing from the picture


Arriving Sisters and Their Country/State of Origin

Sister Ackley                              Marshall Islands

Sister Alovili                              Australia

Sister Boutoille                           France

Sister Bowman                           Arizona

Sister Burke                                Maine

Sister Cardona                            Argentina

Sister De Souza                          Sweden

Sister Evaga                                New Zealand

Sister Fernandez                         Argentina

Sister Hinkey                              Oregon

Sister Hickman                           Georgia

Sister Liu                                    China

Sister Mariano                            Brazil

Sister Naranjo-Zazueta               Mexico/California

Sister Pazos                                Mexico

Sister Pohjoisrinne                     Canada

Sister Raquiza                             Hawaii

Sister Richins                             Arizona

Sister Sneddon                            Germany

Sister Stahle                                Finland


Sisters Returning from Outbound and Their Missions

 Sister Almeida                UT Orem

Sister Cabello                 TX Houston South

Sister Chaiyapat             CA San Jose

Sister Cruz                      NY NY North

Sister Felise                    NY NY North

Sister Fesolai                  CA San Jose

Sister Ghetti Remor        UT Orem

Sister Kogure                  CA San Jose

Sister Lopez Girón         TX Houston South

Sister O’Neill                 NY NY North

Sister Romero                 NY NY North

Sister Rajan                    CA San Jose


Sisters Going Outbound and Their Missions

 Sister Beltran                  Utah Provo

Sister Kemple                 MTC

Sister Lyu                       Pennsylvania Pittsburgh

Sister Monzalvo             Utah Provo

Sister Shum                    Pennsylvania Pittsburgh


Departing Sisters and Their Country/State of Origin

Sister Alliaud                  Argentina

Sister Chuah                   Malaysia

Sister A. Clark                South Carolina

Sister T. Clark                Florida

Sister Deschesne             France

Sister Fernandez             Philippines

Sister Hopf                      Germany

Sister Johnny                  Micronesia

Sister Lakshmanan         India

Sister Lawlor                  Japan

Sister Lopez                    Mexico

Sister Parks                     Oklahoma

Sister Ramos                   Mexico

Sister Revoredo              Italy

Sister Ruiz                      Mexico

Sister Saavedra               Bolivia

Sister Sanchez                Mexico

Sister Sommerfeldt        Canada

Sister Tagliavia              Italy

Sister Tekurio                 French Polynesia

Sister Vasquez                El Salvador

Sister Willard                 Malawi

Sister Wong                    Hong Kong

Sister Yoshida                Texas/Mexico

Sister Zheng                    China