Luci Live Lite

Revised 6/1/15 RC


Scope: Luci Live Lite is a professional CODEC software device to facilitate live remote broadcasts. This device is used by major broadcasting companies every day including BBC, CNN, Fox TV News, ESPN Radio and TV. NBC, CBS, ABC Radio Cumulus and Clear Channel. The send and receive is G.722, the same as ISDN. Just because it is inexpensive does not mean it is sub-standard.

Reliability: The reliability is 100%. The software is 100% Bullet Proof and is constantly being updated. The product is consistent with European high quality standards, made in the Netherlands. There are many items that may adversely affect the performance of this product just as these same items would affect any other similar CODEC. Please let me stress we use this system here at our TOC at least a dozen times every day. When used properly Luci Live Lite performs flawlessly.

What causes my Luci Live Lite to drop out or have excessive delay? Remember, the entire system is only as good as the Internet connection at your end and our end. It is the overall connection that counts. Remember we have a T-3 connection on our XO connection and our Comcast connection is 50 down and 10 up. Therefore,  the chances of the problem being at our end are slim to none. Also understand when you connect to us you are connecting to either our Access or our Bric System. You are not connecting to any of our computers. You are also connecting to one of our systems that are all “Static IP’s”, not a network. When you set up your Luci Live Lite, here are the most important items to remember.

1.        Make sure your Internet connection is “solid”, Strong and Fast. Please run a speedtest, up and down and report to us those values. Comcast Business Class 50 down and 10 up is generally considered the best other than a T-1. Cable Interconnect is much better than AT&T. Verizon Fios is another good alternative. DSL is really bad and never use dial up. The network, the speed, the reliability and a good computer is the key to consistent reliability.

2.        Never use a wireless connection for a computer when you can use a tethered RJ 45 connection. The problem with wireless connections is that you have no control as to who other than you is on the connections and what they are doing.

3.        If you are doing a daily remote I strongly urge you to purchase a dedicated computer just for the Luci Live Lite. I suggest you use a USB device to connect your board and or Microphone to that dedicated computer. Never have anything whatsoever running on the dedicated computer. That includes, mail, Comrex Stac. Nothing. I like to use  the following for two microphones or lines.  The Lexicon- Alpha  $49.00 for one microphone or the Lexicon Lambda $99.00 for two microphones. If you need a 4 channel mixer go with the Allen and Heath ZED-10.

4.        I can assure you if your are using a computer running Luci Live Lite at the same time as the Comrex Stac system as well as email and you are surfing the internet at the same time as your live show YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS. Just because sometimes it works fine and other times not so fine is totally dependent on the quality of the network and the Internet at the time of broadcast. If you have problems sometimes, you will generally have problems most of the time.

5.        Luci Live Lite on your mobile phone. Always make sure your Iphone is locked on to a strong WI-FI connection when broadcasting over your Cell phone. With a strong WI-FI Connection the broadcast will be flawless. I strongly urge you get a Microphone/ headphone adapter and use a good broadcast Microphone when broadcasting from your Iphone. or

Summary:  Please understand the Lici Live Lite is a quality product. It works really well when used properly. For the cost of $35.00 there is nothing on the market that comes close to it. You can spend $1,400.00 on a Comrex Bric. The Bric is the same CODEC in it’s own box. The Bric does many more things but it won’t do a better job at G.722 than Luci Live Lite. If you want all the features of the Bric in a Luci product purchase Luci Live on a USB and a stand alone computer. Doing it this way will cost you under $800.00. It will connect easier from hotels and still give you all the features of the Bric plus you will have an extra mini computer to use when you are not broadcasting. The only reason I would purchase Luci Live is for the ability to broadcast in stereo with a higher bit rate and different algorithms.

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