Frequently Asked Questions

About online courses and online degree completion in Psychology at DePaul University

Updated May 2014

David Allbritton

I am already a student at DePaul.  Can I enroll in the online degree completion program?

You do not need to!  Any DePaul student can take any of our online courses - simply register for them during your normal course selection process.  Email me, however, if you are hoping to take all or most of your remaining courses online so that we can help you plan your course selections - particularly if you have special circumstances that require you to take only online courses.

 I am a student at another college.  How can I register for online courses at DePaul to transfer to my home institution?

Any student from a different institution can enroll as a "non-degree" student in any course.  You will first need to apply online at:

You will need to submit a transcript that shows you are in good academic standing at your home institution. Admissions is on a rolling basis, up to the first week of the quarter (even if there are deadlines listed on the application page that say otherwise).  You should, however, apply well in advance of the start of the quarter to increase your chances of being able to register for the courses you want.

Note that during the regular terms (Fall, Winter, Spring) DePaul courses are on the quarter system and are 4.0 quarter-hours each, which is slightly less than a semester course (3.0 semester hours = 4.5 quarter hours).  During the summer term, however, semester (4.5 quarter hour) versions of our courses are available.

What online course are you offering this coming quarter?

Check Campus Connect (  for current listings for the upcoming quarter.  (Log in as a Guest and you should see the link to “Search for Classes” on the left.)

When is a specific online course usually offered?

The table at the following URL provides a general guide to when specific courses are offered online.  Note that in any particular quarter, however, the actual schedule could deviate from these plans, so always check Campus Connect for the current course offerings.

Where can I find course descriptions?

In Campus Connect  (

Where can I buy my textbooks?

Go to the DePaul bookstore web site: and click on “Lincoln Park.”  (Not “Distance Learning” - all the online psychology courses are listed under “Lincoln Park” with the other psychology courses instead, at the time of this writing.)  Then click the tabs for “Texbooks” and “Find Textbooks.”  

Where can I find this FAQ page?

Where can I get more information about online courses in Psychology at DePaul?

Can I email you?


I have specific questions about transferring to DePaul (such as how many more courses would I need to take to graduate).  Where can I get information about that?

The Admissions Office can help with specific questions about transfer procedures:


DePaul Office of Admission for Transfer Students

DePaul Center

Joan H. Wish Center, room 101

1 E Jackson Blvd

Chicago, IL 61604



Welcome Center

2400 N. Sheffield Ave

Chicago, IL 60614

(312) 362-8300

The Lincoln Park location is primarily for first year admission.  The Welcome Center may have an admission counselor who can assist, though.  You may want to call in advance if you plan to go to this location.    


You are also welcome to email at

How can I fulfill the Junior Year Experiential Learning requirement as an online student?

You may be able to take an online University Internship Program (UIP) course in conjunction with either an internship or your current job to fulfill the experiential learning requirement.  There are several courses available.  For more information, please contact your academic advisor or the UIP office: