Directions for Completing Quick Quiz: Use what you have learned and what you understand about North Africa and Southwest Asia so far to answer the following essential questions using specific details and facts.

1. How has technology and media specifically influenced the behaviors and actions of people and populations in Southwest Asia and North Africa?

2. In what ways has technology driven and influenced political and social movements in this area of the world?

3. How have governments in Southwest Asia and North Africa been influenced by the history and cultures of the people in the region?

4. What are Human Rights?

5. How does this Declaration of Human Rights relate to and affect the people and populations of Southwest Asia and North Africa?

6. What religions are commonly and most popularly followed and practiced among the people and populations located in Southwest Asia and North Africa?

7. How have women's rights changed and developed in Southwest Asia and North Africa?

8. What role do women play in the cultures and societies of populations living in this region of the world?

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