Self-Care Guide

To display your knowledge of health this year, you and a partner (if you choose), will create a self-care guide that will encompass everything you’ve learned in health this trimester. Your audience will be the 9-12 student body (your guide may be used for sex and pizza night!). You may create your guide by hand or digitally as an iBook; either way, you will include the following criteria:




Title Page

  1. Clever yet informative title
  2. Graphics (self created is a plus)
  3. Your Name(s)
  4. Year
  5. Home Teacher Initials
  6. Neatly finished-no errors


Table of Content

  1. List all topics/heading in guide along with page numbers
  2. Should be in correct order


Introduction Paragraph

  1. Begins with an appropriate “hook” statement
  2. Engaging
  3. Previews what the audience will learn from your guide


10 Major Topics

  1. Health Triangle
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Female reproductive system
  4. Male reproductive system
  5. STIs
  6. Contraception
  7. Fertilization and fetal development (include trimesters)
  8. Puberty
  9. Drug and Alcohol use
  10. Nutrition



  1. Engaging
  2. Summarizes the body
  3. Finishes with a clincher statement that closes the guide in a thought provoking manner.


Mechanics & Usage

  1. No errors in punctuation
  2. Capitalization and spelling
  3. No errors in sentence structure and word usage


Appearance & Creativity

  1. Creative and attractive cover with nice graphics
  2. Clear and creative organization
  3. Readable and neat
  4. Illustrations on every page (at least four self-made)
  5. Balance of photos and text



  1. Include 1-2 additional “Major Topics” to your guide.
  1. ex: Eating Disorders

Up to 8pts.

Total Points           /150


You MAY NOT copy and paste information from the lessons or from any other source. All of the information in your guide must be YOUR interpretation of the material you learned in class. Remember, the guide should be designed for the 9-12 student body, so make sure to write it in a way that is useful for them to understand. I’m looking for a balance of scientifically challenging, but also simplistic enough for 9-12ers to understand and benefit from.


MM: 10am 4/29                        MA: 10am 4/30                        RM: 10am 5/1


Email Coach or Mr. Rudnick or post on edmodo!

Good Luck!