ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Meeting

Saturday-Sunday, April 30-May 1, 2011

Renaissance Cleveland Hotel


Attendance: Rob Cook, Paul Debevec, Jeff Jortner, Jim Foley, Jacki Morie, James O’Brien, Scott Owen, Turner Whitted, Joe Marks, Jackie White, Ginger Ignatoff, Erin Butler, Gregg Talley, daniel Schmidt

Absent: Marie-Paule Cani

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am. Scott Owen thanked everyone for coming.

Electronic Motions (January, 2011-April, 2011)

To Approve the SIGGRAPH Business Symposium

For: Owen (motion), Morie (second), Cani, Whitted, Foley, O'Brien, Jortner, Debevec, Cook

To approve the FY 2012 budget

Jortner (motion), Owen (second), Cani, Cook, Debevec, Foley, Morie, O'Brien, Whitted.

To approve Jim Kilmer as an SACAG voting member-at large

To approve that the CAG can have up to two members-at-large that have a vote. The CAG will nominate and the EC will approve the members-at-large.

Owen (motion), O'Brien (second), Cani, Cook, Debevec, Foley, Jortner, Morie, Whitted

To approve that the SACAG can have up to two members-at-large that have a vote. The

SACAG will nominate and the EC will approve the members-at-large.

Owen (motion), O’Brien (second), Cani, Cook, Debevec, Foley, Jortner, Morie, Whitted

To approve Bruce Wands for the position of Arts Award Chair

Meeting Notes

Daniel Schmidt joined the meeting via Skype and provided the following updates on SIGGRAPH Asia:

1. 2011 Updates

The 2011 Committee met in Hong Kong in February; they are a strong volunteer committee. They are working hard to get promotion information out, focusing on Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Things are moving slowly in Japan due to the tragedies there. SIGGRAPH Asia will have a new program in 2011—Apps. They are still looking at content and deciding the program format--short courses, presentations, workshops.

2. The budget for SA2011 is tracking comfortably with projections. Sponsorship and exhibit sales are on track; Pixar is coming back, but Nvidia is not exhibiting as they have no presence in Hong Kong. Nvidia is hosting its own conference (overlapping SA) in Beijing in December. Paul Debevec has helped with the Academy application. The group discussed who should be we put as chair of the conference. The group decided to put the SACAG chair’s name. Paul will keep in touch with the Academy committee on the status of our application.

3. Update on Conference Guidance Group

SA is piggybacking on SIGGRAPH for this. It’s a good way to broaden our reach and get additional volunteers who can serve as program chairs.

4. Pacific Graphics Co-location Discussion

SIGGRAPH Asia has been working with Pacific Graphics to co-locate the conferences as a way to increase attendance at both conferences. The plan is not to eliminate any of our content programs, but scheduling the conferences back to back at the same location to drive attendance. The Papers Advisory Group was fine with this as long as it’s still SIGGRAPH papers, and not Pacific Graphics papers. Rob will review the proposal to make sure nothing is offensive. Pacific Graphics is going to be in Taiwan this year; they usually have about 200 attendees. They are looking at Hong Kong for 2012. EC is favorable to the idea of co-locating with Pacific Graphics.

5. SIGGRAPH Asia 2012

a) Site Selection Request for Approval

b) Conference Chair - Status Update

The SACAG was looking at Japan, but now is not the right time, so they’ve been reviewing the other countries SA has been held. Hong Kong is appealing but we have no history yet and the Hong Kong government wants to how SA2011 goes before they commit. There are government challenges/restrictions to deal with in Seoul, so that leaves Singapore. The drawbacks are that Singapore is further away and we had a small attendance, although it was the first SA conference. The positives are that it doesn’t have to be a Singaporean conference chair and the government wants SA back.

Motion to approve SACAG’s recommendation of Singapore for SIGGRAPH Asia 2012.

For: Owen (motion), Morie (second), Cook, Debevec, Foley, Jortner, O’Brien, Whitted

Absent: Cani

The EC questioned Daniel about going to Taiwan, since there is a Taipei chapter. SA has not had many attendees from Taiwan; it is difficult for mainland China to travel there. Again, Taiwan would be another new country and its base is probably not as strong as the other countries.

Daniel will contact Singapore Tourism Board to say EC is supportive and see how much government support will be forthcoming before announcing our intention to hold SA there.

6. SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 and beyond - Update

Daniel reported that there is more work ahead and we need to be more proactive in negotiating for future sites. Our dates are always close to Christmas because earlier dates are already booked. We also need to be looking at multiple year contracts as we do with SIGGRAPH.

YT feels that Japan could be ready for 2013. India and Taiwan are not on the docket. PRC has loosened up since the Olympics, but it is not on the radar for 2013.


S2011 Update

Joe Marks reported that everything is on track; there’s lots of good content. Exhibition sales are running ahead of last year by 7-8%. It’s too early for registration data.

Financial Update

The EC budget is in line with the projections for the year. SA has a $150,000 loss that is not yet in the FMR. We also had a strategy meeting that was not budgeted. We are still trying to get a complete handle on the publications budget. We are working on getting a break down from the company that does single copy shipping of publications. When we merged the reserve funds, we did not take into account the Leonardo contract. There are budgeted dollars for Leonardo is the organizational budget for 2012 that we didn’t have before.

The Leonardo contract is up in 2013 and the EC needs to decide if we will continue Leonardo and draw up new contract. The EC needs to determine where this should be housed, under publications with Stephen Spencer or elsewhere.

AGENDA ITEM at August meeting: What are all the costs and all the revenues involved with this project.

We have the same issue with Village costs. We don’t really know how much each committee spends—education, chapters, etc.

Jeff reviewed the final budget—items still being worked on include SVR and publication costs.

DAC Publishing Proposal

The DAC is building a curated online show; this provides additional opportunities to show work throughout the year. They have received lots of entries. Along with show, DAC wants to publish a catalog. The publishing will be on demand via Blurb website. $35-$55 per book. Each artist will get a book from DAC funds.

Jacki Morie doesn’t believe this is in conflict with Leonardo, but she will touch base with Leonardo and the conference art director. She will check with Stephen regarding publications process. The publication will need a ISBN number and should be in the DL.

EC needs to approve if this is a new publication. Jacki needs to submit a proposal and timeline for the project for the EC to consider.

Futures 2014

SIGGRAPH was looking at San Francisco, but another group has first option on our dates. Cindy Stark recommends going to Anaheim. The EC suggested San Jose, as it is close to Silicon Valley and the technical community.

What about San Jose? San Jose is not big enough to handle SIGGRAPH.

Motion to accept CAG’s recommendation of Anaheim for SIGGRAPH 2014.

For: Jortner (motion), Debevec (second), Cook, Foley, Morie, O’Brien, Owen, Whitted

Absent: Cani

The business portion of the EC Meeting adjourned at 11:20 am