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             Ask the Right Questions !

Pick your Partners

Participate in selection of both design and contracting professionals.

Get to know both the designers and contractors project team.

Identify major project phases.

Get price for design phase services.

Require standard industry contract documents.

     AIA Contract Documents “Backed by

            over 100 Years of Case Law”

Take an Active Role in Choosing your Project Team  

(Draft Language for a Project Bidders Template)

  1. Identify proposed selection process for the project Engineer / Architectural Design Professionals.
  2. Provide resumes and experience for the contractors’ project team for this project.
  3. Identify major project phases including concept development, design services, project pricing, construction, and project close out.
  4. Provide your price for all design phase services required to arrive at a GMP for entire project, including architectural / engineering, estimating and contractor overhead and profit. (May be Lump Sum or % fee.)
  5. Provide a draft of your proposed contract document highlighting all proposed choices or options when choices exist. (For DB projects suggest AIA Document No. 141 – Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Design Builder) / (For CMR projects suggest AIA Document A133 – 2009 -  Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager – Where the Construction Manager is Also the Constructor) (Many of the following items are requirements of the standard AIA contracts.)

Background Notes to Provide a Deeper Understanding

  1. It is important to know that the designer / engineer are suited to the type of project being designed.
  2. Your comfort level with the contractors’ project team can be the difference between a enjoyable and successful experience or a long and stressful event.
  3. Identification of major project phases, and determining a cost for each phase, provides a way to control the cost of acquiring adequate design and project cost information needed to make decisions on the viability of the project.
  4. Provides a cap on the cost outlay required, before the cost of the project or GMP is known.
  5. Suggest Standard AIA Contract. Standard language helps assure a contract is fair to both parties. Many contracts include choices. By identifying these selections it is easier to compare proposals.