Email, Veronica Beyer, director of media relations, Texas Department of Transportation, Sept. 19, 2013

5:49 pm

Below are the amounts of lettings by TxDOT for highway improvement (maintenance and construction) projects since

FY 2001:


FY 2001


FY 2002


FY 2003


FY 2004


FY 2005


FY 2006


FY 2007


FY 2008


FY 2009


FY 2010


FY 2011


FY 2012


FY 2013



These levels are the result of the State Highway Fund and three bonding programs (Texas Mobility Fund, Proposition 14, and Proposition 12) that the Legislature and voters approved plus 2009 American Recovery and Restoration Act funding. The amount contracted in the above list will be fully realized, either contracted or obligated, before the end of this biennium.


In regards to the cost of repairing and repaving these 83 miles…it costs about $500,000 per mile to repair and repave these type roads. The 500k number is to rebuild them to standards that could withstand the huge increase in heavy trucks. There is also an annual maintenance cost that would be between 10k and 50k to maintain these roads after it was rebuilt.


More background on this growing need…during the last legislative session we asked for an additional $1.6 billion specifically for the roadways damaged in the energy sector (the Texas Transportation Institute gave us the data on the $1.6 billion number that we requested.) The Legislature appropriated$225 million, which we are now in the process of deploying to repair and repave other higher priority needs created by impacts of the energy sector. While we are only currently talking about 83 miles worth of damaged roads being considered for conversion, it is important to remember there are many more miles of roads that need attention. Any road that would be considered for conversion, we would work to repave once traffic levels normalize or pipelines are built, pending available funding.


Veronica Beyer