1. i. Mixed Section only: Sides to consist of four players, including at least one lady  

and one man i.e. 3 men and 1 lady, 3 ladies and 1 man or 2 men and 2 ladies, divided  

into 2 pairs.

  ii. Mens Section only: Sides to consist of four men, divided into  2 pairs

2. 2 points to be awarded to each pair winning, plus 2 further points for total shots i.e. 6

points per match

3. Leads and skips may change place once during the match if so wished

4. In both sections 18 ends only will be played. If the game is disrupted by inclement

weather and cannot be completed, provided 12 ends have been completed (on both rinks

in league matches) the result shall stand. If fewer than 12 ends have been played the

match shall be re-arranged as soon as possible, by mutual consent. The appropriate  

Secretary must be notified immediately

5. One trial end of 2 woods in each direction may be played. Alternatively, play may

start without trial ends, but the winning team on the first 2 ends shall claim one shot

only. Otherwise rules apply as in the ‘Cambridge BH Pairs League Laws of the Game’

e.g. .centre jack, live woods, minimum cast 25 yards

6. Only members of the bowls club are eligible to play

7. Players must be registered with the League prior to playing and may only play for

one team in each section in league and competitions. Deletions should be notified to the

Secretary at the start of the season and new players registered at least 24 hours before

playing. Clubs with two teams in the same section must register players each year

8. Teams participating in a match with unregistered or ineligible players, one or more players short, or in breach of rule 1, shall forfeit the match.   When teams concede a fixture, their opponents will receive 6 points and 10 shots

9. League champions to be the team winning the most points, or should two or more

teams tie on points, shot difference shall decide

10. Entry fees of £7 per team per league and 50p per person per cup competition,

payable to cover administration costs and trophies, the fees to be confirmed at each

AGM. All fees to be paid at, or before, the fixture meeting in December.

11. Matches to be arranged at a fixture meeting to be held in January, venue of the

matches to be arranged by the league secretary. Dates of matches to be at the

convenience of the clubs but all matches must be arranged for dates before August 21st

and can be postponed only because of inclement weather. Any team responsible for

a match that is not played will be deducted 3 points and 5 shots.  The non-defaulting

Team will be awarded 3 points and 5 shots.

12. Results of matches to be posted or e-mailed by both team captains to the secretary next

day. If no result is received within 7 days neither team shall receive any points or shots

13. Running of the league to be vested in a committee consisting of Chairman, Vice-

Chairman, General Secretary, Competition Secretary, Treasurer and up to four ordinary

committee members, all elected at the Annual General Meeting to be held by November

30th  each year

14. Knock-out cup competitions

  a) One substitute only may be allowed, provided he/she has not already played in an

  earlier  round of the same competition

  b) Entries will only be accepted from pairs representing clubs who are proposing to

  enter team(s) in the League for the coming season

  c) Matches to be played over 18 ends, skip & lead may change over once only,

  otherwise see the League’s ‘Laws of the ‘Game’.

  d) All ties to be played on or before the dates indicated, on the green of the first

 named player, except for the semi finals and final where the venue will be arranged by

 The  League. All semi finals will be played  during a 5 day period selected by the

  Competition Secretary.

  e) NO extension of the time period will be allowed, except IN EXTREME

  CIRCUMSTANCES and previously agreed by the 2 pairs and the Competition.


  f) The winning pair shall inform the Competition secretary of the result and score of

  the match by telephone within 24 hours of playing the match. Failure to do so may

  lead to them being eliminated from the competition

  g) All finals to be played on Finals Day, to be held on the first Sunday in September    

15. The League may arrange such representative games from time to time as it  considers

to be advantageous to the best interests of the League and its players. The Committee

may, at it’s discretion, appoint a captain (playing or non-playing) to organise such

events. The teams must be selected to safe guard the credibility of the League and with

the best interests of the League at heart

16. Any business for the A.G.M. e.g. amendment of rules, should be submitted to the

Secretary in writing by 30 September. The agenda, including  any amendments, shall be

sent to all clubs at least 21 days before the AGM

17. Smoking on the green during play is prohibited