Related Concept Information Blocks


Related Concepts: Around the world, you will find several information blocks that contain a number of related concepts we have learned about throughout the year. As you are moving through the world and creating your society, be sure to stop and read the related concept blocks. The related concept blocks will all look like the one you are reading now. See if you can find all 22 of them.


Adaptation: How are you adapting to the world you live in? How are you adapting the environment to fit society’s needs?


Ecosystem: Look around at the ecosystem you are living in. How might the ecosystem be used to your advantage? How could the ecosystem help the community sustain itself over a long period of time?


Interdependence: Please remember that everything in this world is interdependent. How might your actions on the environment affect other living things? How might you, as a group of community members, be interdependent upon each other?


Survival: You are starting this society from scratch. How will your community survive? What basic needs will you have to meet? How will you design this?


Environment: How will the physical geography affect your community planning? How can you use the environment without abusing the environment?


Innovation: How could you use innovation to build structures and shelters? How could you use innovation to make life easier for your community?


Creativity: Is creativity necessary for a society? Why or why not? How can creative design improve your lives?


Relationships: How are you ensuring that your relationships with other members of this society are positive? How are your choices and actions affecting others?


Self-awareness: What are my contributions to the society so far? Am I focusing only on what I need? Or, am I focusing on what the community needs to survive?


Self-esteem: How do you feel about yourself as you are designing this world? Why?


Citizenship: You are all citizens of this community. What are the expectations for members of this society? What makes you a positive citizen in this world?


Borders: How might borders be used in your community? Are there any invisible borders you see that are developing between community members?


Opportunities: Not everyone will have access to the same opportunities. Not everyone will have access to the same resources. How will you deal with this?


Rights: Will everyone in this society have the same rights? How will you as a community ensure that people’s rights are protected?


Migration: You have migrated (spawned) into this new world. All of you are refugees from various countries, cultures and backgrounds. Now that you have stopped migrating, how can you use your individual background knowledge and cultural skills to help build a community?


Energy: Where will your society get energy from? Will it be renewable or non-renewable? How will you transform the energy into electricity?


Transportation: What form of transportation will your community members use? What will you need to transport?


Governing System: Will your society have any laws? If so, how will those laws be decided?


Moral Dilemmas: Are you facing any moral dilemmas? If so, how can you resolve them? What do you think is the right course of action to take?


Behavior: How are you navigating the Action Cycle? What reflections, choices and actions are you taking?


Opinion: When you have an opinion that is different from another community member, how are you resolving this?


Systems: A system is a group of people or things that are working together. Each person or thing has an individual role or responsibility. How could you use systems to build your community in a more efficient way?

Work: Energy is the ability to do work. What will your work be in this society? What will your job be?