ECVHS FutureForward Insurance Highlights - Fall 2017

Claims Deadline for Summer Damage

Claims for insurance policies from the 2016-17 school year must be placed by Friday, 8/25/17. Please go to the library as soon as possible before then to submit claims for damage or loss from this summer.

Insurance Purchasing Window

At the beginning of each school year, all students have the opportunity to purchase insurance.

Multi-Year Insurance

Insurance Reminders

General Repair Prices

Trying to decide whether or not to buy insurance? Below is information about general repair prices without insurance. Notice that repair prices are for parts only (no labor costs) and vary by Chromebook model since prices vary for parts by model. At West Hills, we aim to have students at each grade level use the same model Chromebook, as indicated in the price chart below. Actual repair prices may vary depending on the specific nature of damage, but these values represent prices for the most common types of repairs.

2017-18 Repair Prices

9th Graders

(Acer 731)

10th Graders


11th & 12th Graders

(Acer 740)









Hinge/Case Replacement

Not an issue

Not an issue






Keyboards with Touchpad





(Full Replacement)

$190 for all Chromebook models

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