The next few paragraphs are for ranks below Eagle .  For Eagle Rank, see page 3.


Process for Requesting a Scoutmaster Conference (SMC) & Board of Review (BOR) for Rank Advancement below Eagle

(It is the scout's responsibility to follow this simple procedure)

  1. Before requesting a SMC or BOR the Scout must obtain a written report as follows:
  1.  For all ranks except for Scout Rank, a Board of Review Summary must be obtained.  For advancement to Scout rank, an Individual Progress Report must be obtained.
  2. The applicable Report may be obtained  from the Troop Advancement Records Assistant Scoutmaster or a Trail to Eagle Counselor. 
  3. The report must show that all requirements for the scout’s advancement have been fulfilled except Show Scout Spirit, participate in a Scoutmaster Conference, and complete a Board of Review.  
  4. Only the Scoutmaster (SM) conducting the SMC may sign off the Scout Spirit requirement at the time of the SMC.

2.    A copy of the report must be provided to the Scoutmaster at the same time that the request for the SMC is made by the Scout.  

  1. The report may be provided to the scoutmaster electronically or by hard copy.
  2. However, it is the preference of the SM that the request for a SMC/BOR and the copy of the report be provided electronically by a single email.
  3. Without the report, any request for a SMC and/or BOR will not be considered.

3.    Contact the Scoutmaster to schedule your Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review.  

a.        He will schedule both the Scoutmaster Conference and the Board of Review.  

b.        The Board of Review will usually be held immediately after completion of the Scoutmaster Conference.


4.    Show up at the appointed time and place for the Scoutmaster Conference in full Class “A” uniform including olive green or tan pants, hiking footwear, and olive green or dark socks.  Bring copy of your Board of Review Report and your BSA handbook.

5.    Upon completion of your Scoutmaster Conference, have the Scoutmaster sign the Board of Review Report and your BSA Handbook.

6.    Upon completion of your Board of Review (not required for Scout Rank), have the three members of the Board of Review sign the Board of Review Report and your BSA Handbook.

7.  Give to the Troop Advancement Records Assistant Scoutmaster the completed Board of Review Report so your Advancement History shows you have completed all requirements for rank advancement.  If the Board of Review Report is misplaced, your BSA Handbook is your record of completion of both Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review.

8.  Congratulations, Upon completion of your Board of Review, you have achieved rank advancement.  You are immediately advanced to the new rank.  

9.  At the next Court of Honor, you will receive formal recognition and your rank certificate and badge.   However, you may purchase your own badge at the local Scout shop in advance if you like, receiving another from the troop at the COH.


The procedure to follow to request an Eagle scoutmaster conference is very similar to any SMC, but includes an Eagle binder being assembled and approved by a TTE Counselor first.

A.  Prepare your Eagle Scout Rank Application available at the BSA website at this link:

1.  To complete the Eagle Application you will probably need to get an Individual Progress Report or Individual History Report from the Troop Advancement Records Assistant Scoutmaster for dates, POR, Merit Badges, etc to complete Requirements 3, 4 and 5 of the application.  Have him check Council records at same time to ensure their records are updated and current.

2.  NOTE:  A Life Statement must be attached to your application.  See REQUIREMENT 6 of the application to see what must be included in your Life Statement

B.  Place the completed application in a binder with your Eagle Project Workbook  (proposal, plans and final report) and get it approved by a TTE Counselor. We have a sample binder to look at if you need to see what one looks like.  

Basically,the binder must contain your entire eagle application form, with your life statement (Req 6), and your service project workbook, including before and after photographs and other details. You should put in tabs so that each section has a Tab to mark what each section is as follows:

  1. BOR Summary (First tab):  Your BOR Summary and recommended but not required, an Individual History Report, including miles hiked and nights camped.
  2. Eagle Scout Rank Application:  Completed and signed by you and Committee Chair.   SM will sign at end of SMC.  (Your IHR will be important for filling in dates etc on the application.)  Your Life Statement must be attached to the application.
  3. Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal:  Signed by SM, Committee Chair, Beneficiary, and Council Representative (Mike Djubasak).
  4. Eagle Scout Service Project Final Plan:  Signed by Beneficiary, SM, and Council Representative.
  5. Eagle Scout Service Project Report:  Signed by Applicant, Beneficiary and SM.  This must also be sent by email to Troop Advancement Records Assistant Scoutmaster for Troopmaster.  It should include photographs of your project phases.

The Eagle application and your project workbook forms all require certain signatures as shown above.  These must be obtained before your SMC, except for the Unit Leader on the final report who is the Scoutmaster who will sign at the SMC if he approves.

C.  Request a board of review (BOR) summary from theTroop Advancement Records Assistant Scoutmaster to show that you have completed everything.  Put all this in your binder.

D.  After all of the above have been completed and your binder is approved by a TTE Counselor, then you can request a conference by sending your BOR summary to the Scoutmaster and follow up with him to get it scheduled. You cannot do this before the binder has been approved.  Take your binder and handbook to the SMC.

E.  After your SMC, confirm with the Troop Advancement Records Assistant Scoutmaster that the Council records have been updated before turning in your binder to the council to finalize your application and request an Eagle board of review.  

1.  Obtain a new BOR Summary from the Troop Advancement Records Assistant Scoutmaster showing SMC is done to insert in your Binder.

F.  After you receive notice of your BOR date give that to the Scoutmaster who will accompany you to support and present you as a qualified Eagle candidate to the Board.