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Login2 SLU iPhone App Setup

How to set up your iPhone app for the Login2.SLU system




  • SLU Net ID and personalized SLU Net Password
  • If your password is still set to the default (Idxxxxxx) you must change your password at password.slu.edu before logging into the multi-factor site (Login2.slu.edu)
  • Internet Connection
  • Mobile Phone able to receive calls or texts
  • Contact information set up in Login2.SLU

Step - by - Step: App Set Up

  • Go to login2.slu.edu
  • Scroll down to Step 2: Install the App, F1
  • Click the App Store Icon
  • Click Install
  • If required, type your iTunes password into the iTunes password popup
  • Once installed, open the SecureAuth App, F2
  • Click Begin Setup
  • Click Enroll with URL
  • Type Login2.slu.edu
  • Click Enroll
  • Log-in with your SLU Net ID and SLU Net Password
  • Click Submit
  • Select the verification method from the list
  • Click Submit
  • Type the verification code
  • Click Ok through the enrollment popup, F3

F1: Login2.slu.edu

F2: SecureAuth App on the iPhone

F3: Successful enrollment

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