Due to the new regulation we now believe we will NOT be able to pair dogs up as we have done for 50 years. We were under the impression that we would still be able to continue this as long as we had written authorization but I suspect this is now not the case.

Please bear with us as this means a huge amount of disruption with bookings, quoting & pricing & our systems etc. as well as complying with the new 35 page document for dogs & 37 pages for cats.

I am waiting on confirmation from the Council & DEFRA who now regulate.

There are three serious consequences to this

  1. Unfortunately we will have to raise prices SIGNIFICANTLY for individual dogs, we hope to be able to keep multiple dogs at very similar levels but may have to spread the cost a little. If already booked we hope to honor any quotes but are looking into the impact. We cannot absorb all the costs associated with approx 30%+ reduction in capacity and even with the increase we will have reduced revenue. Even though less dogs we will have the same, if not more (at quieter times) kennels in use & more work load with our exercising & rotation system.
  2. Many clients really enjoy the socializing for their dogs and whilst I believe we can still run them out together this is difficult to plan/book & locate in our kennel design. We will do our best.
  3. Suddenly reducing availability by almost a third is going to have a huge impact on the amount of bookings we can take. Especially as Tall Timbers is closing/closed there is going to be a serious lack of space next year.

Price increase will be on the 1st February 2019. Date to be reviewed.

I normally quote on request but as a guide I estimate daily rates will be:

£20.64 Cocker Spaniel

£21.26 Labrador

Per day inc VAT.

Bookings made before 4th December 2018 should be at the old rates.

Those with more than one dog should not have more than the usual annual (roughly inflation) increase.

Only rumours but it also appears some kennels around the country are struggling to meet the new regulations and closing down. Those of older layout do not meet the new requirements. We consider our systems and exercise routines are about as good as it gets for the wellbeing of the dogs but we also have older style design. From what I understand we should still be OK but until full inspection we are also extremely concerned but if there are other closures I really do worry if there is going to be an even worse lack of availability next year, over and above the loss of Tall Timbers.