Cancellation Policy in view of Covid Restrictions

These relaxation of Terms only applies to travel plans cancelled due to government restrictions or holiday companies’ actions. We may ask for proof of the date you were advised your plans were cancelled.

It is important that clients can book with confidence and that they are not going to be unreasonably charged a fee for any cancellations but have to be cautious about a blanket guarantee.

Our usual T&C’s apply as a maximum, so as long as we have over 31 days’ notice there is no risk of any charges and then potentially as per the sliding scale below.

22-31 Days          : 10% of the total cost

15-21                   : 20% of the total cost

7-14 Days            : 50% of the total cost

Less than 7 Days : 100% of the total cost


If you were reasonably (*) expected to be able to travel and notify us within the 48 hours of when your holiday was cancelled or when you were aware that you could not  travel due to enforced restrictions, there will be no cancellation fee.

This is not the same as giving us 48 hours from when you were due to board your pets.


Within the scheduled days above, if you do not inform us within 48 hours of your holiday being cancelled or being aware that you could not travel due to enforced restrictions, we are likely to charge a cancellation fee. (We ask for text or email but a phone call if no alternative). Exceptions below may apply.

Where we would not have been fully booked, we are unlikely to charge the full. We will be fair in deciding the periods where availability was limited.

We will review on a case-by-case basis and if reluctant to book due to uncertainty & risk of charging do please get in contact, we can consider the impact on specific dates and in the majority of cases would offer assurances. If you are trying to find alternatives to a cancelled holiday and need more time,  we will be happy to wait a reasonable time but please advise.

We certainly would not wish to penalise those choosing to go abroad or prioritise staycation bookings but may find ourselves in the difficult situation where travel restrictions may come in and holidays cancelled. This will result in a space which someone else could have taken and still been able to go away, home or even abroad.

 (*) Reasonably expected to be able to travel.  We may apply our cancellation fees as per the notice days above if the holiday or destination was on balance most unlikely to go ahead anyway based on probability and previous travel advice. e.g., A holiday to South Africa In May. This is of course very subjective, but we aim to be fair.

I am sorry for a rather long explanation but trying to be fair and considerate.

We appreciate that many clients have also been financially impacted by Covid.

Our business has been severely impacted since the initial local down.

No support from the Government for the business or personally.


Kennel Cough Vaccine. It is my understanding that some vaccine manufacturers recommend that immunosuppressed individuals avoid

contact with vaccinated dogs for up to six weeks. Please discuss with your vet but we are relaxing (to some degree) the need for KC vaccination if concerned. We are also reviewing how far in advance this is required and may ask for min 3 weeks, ideally 6 weeks before due in. If not enough time we may/probably still accept for boarding.

Now we are getting busier we are being more strict with the kennel cough vaccine.

We have a screen in the office but will require clients to step out of the office as we come and go. Any dropping off & collection of pets will be done outside.

We will clean & properly sanitize the credit card terminal and any other surfaces after every use.

We believe it will be safe to hand over pets at arms length for a few seconds outside but if concerned we can use the gates as a barrier which clients can open whilst we stand back.

We are considering a system where the leads can be secured but a little concerned if the dogs were to twist and turn even if only for a few seconds.

We will use gloves & frequently disinfected but would be advised to wash leads on returning home & of course hands washed frequently.

Any bedding should be cleaned at a high temperature.

Our cancellation fees are under review considering any new enforced lock down

If you are a healthcare worker or financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak we will not charge a cancellation fee anyway.

Coronavirus & Cancellations

We are really sorry that you are no doubt suffering from the loss of a well deserved holiday. You may also have lost some or all that you have paid for the holiday.

However it is with regret we will have to charge a cancellation fee in most cases where there has been short notice.

If you are personally suffering financially because your work is affected we will review this but please, please be honest as we need to try to continue to pay staff & operate.

There may be a flat 10% fee for those with 21 or less days notice.

Below does now not apply during the coronavirus outbreak

We have always had the same policy and been clearly stated in our T&Cs and the same note on the front page of the www has always been there. This is not something we have recently introduced but felt needed to highlight under the circumstances.

Our T&C’s list the scale of charge depending on much notice we have had.

E.g. 7 days notice or less and we reserve the right to charge 100% of the amount that would have been due. We are unlikely to do this but 80%-90% is a realistic possibility. The more notice we have, the lower the rate.

15-21                   : 20% of the total cost

7-14 Days            : 50% of the total cost

Less than 7 Days : 100% of the total cost

New: 22-31 Days : 10% of the total cost

If booked prior to 10/3/2020 the New 10% will not be applied.

Due to the new regulation brought in for 2018/19 we will NOT be able to pair dogs up from different households when inside the kennels. They can still run out with dogs from different homes & wherever possible will try to do this for those that enjoy company.  If from the same household they can share as normal.

Unfortunately due to this we had to raise prices significantly for individual dogs from

1st Feb 2019, We have kept multiple dogs at very similar levels so no extra increases over our usual annual review.

Any future increases should be at normal levels, usually around the inflation rate.

Even though boarding less dogs we will have the same, if not more (at quieter times) kennels in use & more work load with our exercising & rotation system so unable to cut cost to compensate.

I normally quote on request but as a guide daily rates from 1st Feb 2020 will be

£21.25 Cocker Spaniel

£21.90 Labrador

There is a 25% discount for two or 32% discount for three dogs from the same household sharing the same kennel.

Per day inc VAT.

We had a very positive inspection and delighted to be issued with a high grade licence.

Whilst we really appreciate clients offering letters of support & representation to DEFRA &/or Waverley Council regarding the pairing inside the kennels we feel this is unlikely to have any effect and may actually be negative. We know many are disappointed not being able to share.

Waverley who are not responsible for the introduction of the new rules have been very helpful & supportive but have also been burdened with the extra workload but ultimately responsible for carrying out DEFRA’s wishes.