Climate IAP Workshop: Jan 23 - 24

Before It’s Too Late is a featured project in the MIT Media Lab DataVR Workshop, a 2-day special module of the MIT/IAP Computational Law course.  Any enrolled participant in the workshop is welcome to collaborate with us on our workshop project. Preview the workshop syllabus.

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About Before It’s Too Late

A widespread gap in empathy and agency impedes climate action in the U.S.— climate change is an imminent crisis, yet the issue feels geographically and temporally distant, the individual feels powerless and the narrative has become partisan. Backed by a growing coalition of prominent academics, artists, technology and community partners, Before It's Too Late (BITL) is an emerging organization delivering a virtual reality (VR) experience that viscerally localizes climate issues in profound vignettes and group simulations that bring to life future worlds
driven by user decisions. We plan to bring the VR experience to local communities and key policy and business leaders on a nationwide tour. Our goal is to spur a collective movement. The time is vital for a grassroots solution such as BITL to transform the debate on climate change by opening hearts and bringing people together behind a common
cause #beforeitstoolate. Learn more about Before It’s Too Late at:

Climate Data Visualization Challenges for Workshop

Datasets Available for Workshop