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Paper writing checklist
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Paper writing checklist

The following is a checklist to help with the logistics of submitting papers for publication.  It was specifically developed for use by the Pop lab, but it may be useful to others.  

Before your start

Answer the following:

If you haven't answered "Yes" to at least one of the major questions above, go back to research. If you have, the answers to the questions form the points that will have to be touched upon in the manuscript.

CAVEAT: the list above covers most types of papers you will end up writing during your graduate studies.  There are, however, other types of publishable work for which the answers above will be "no".  Like everything else in graduate school - if in doubt, talk to your advisor.

Pre-submission checklist

Before submission

Making revisions

It is rarely the case that a manuscript will be accepted without any revisions.  How you respond to the reviews has a significant impact on whether the manuscript will eventually be accepted.

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