Accessing and moving shared folders:

1.  Log in to your district google drive account.

2.  Click the “Incoming” option in the left-hand menu (Note:  If you still have the “old” Google Drive interface, “Incoming” is called “Shared with Me”) .

3.  There will be two folders that have been shared from me to you.  The one with your name is a dropbox that only you and I can access.  This is where you will place online assignments when they are due.  The one called class contains docs that can be edited by all students in the class simultaneously.  The one called view contains docs that can only be viewed by all students in the class.  

4.  Move these three folders into your drive by clicking the little drive icon that you see to the right of them (you may need to mouse-over the folders to see that icon).  Note:  If you have the old Google Drive interface, you can just drag and drop the folders from the list into the “My Drive” option on the left-hand menu.

5.  That’s it.  Though you may want to organize your internal drive structure by putting these three folders into another folder with identifying information like my name, the name of the class, etc.