June 16, 2013 

The Reel Deal reviews

Man of Steel


Directed by:

Zack Snyder

Watchmen, 300, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole & Sucker Punch

Written by:

David S. Goyer
Christopher Nolan

Blade Trilogy, Batman Trilogy (w/Christopher Nolan) & Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Batman Trilogy, Inception & Memento


Henry Cavill

Michael Shannon

Russell Crowe

Harry Lenix

Christopher Meloni

Ayelet Zurer


Clark Kent / Kal-El

General Zod


General Swanwick

Colonel Nathan Hardy

Lara Lor-Van


Amy Adams

Diane Lane

Ante Traue

Richard Schiff

Kevin Costner

Laurence Fishburne


Lois Lane

Martha Kent


Dr. Emil Hamilton

Jonathan Kent

Perry White

IMDB Entry for Man of Steel

Initial Reactions


  • No future movie mentions a la Marvels looks at movies coming in.



Danis “The Pup” Ekimogloy

  • Likes the way they did Krypton

Standout Moments or Characters

Cuban Standouts:

  • Zod was intense and kind tragic as opposed to Cal was raised without being pigeon-wholed by the circumstances of his birth
  • Jonathan Kent sacrificing himself to protect clarks secret was emotional
  • Amy Adams played the hard as nails Lois Lane and she did a great job.

Danis’ Standouts:

  • Russell Crowe had a great presence in this movie
  • Ma and Pa Kent also made a great impact on the characters in the movie
  • Henry Cavill portrayal was great

X’s Standouts:

  • The Codex
  • Miles of destroyed and damaged buildings
  • Jor-El dying first and Lara dying alone

Geek Nirvana

  • George Reeves flying sound effect
  • Tahmoh Penikett cameo appearance
  • “Two” Emil Hamiltons in the movie
  • Superman could not automatically fly
  • Lexcorp oil tanker
  • Geek moment we wished happened - How was he all of a sudden clean shaven?
  • The “S” seamed a little off

Easter Eggs

  • Clark Kent is a nomad that constantly moves around helping people.
  • Satellite said Wayne Enterprises.
  • Lex Corp Tractor trailer

Final Thoughts

Cuban: Great way to reintroduce Superman and get ready for the future

Danis: This a good way to rebuild the movie for a new generation some people are gonna have pet peaves but it was a good movie. I was really happy with this move.

X: I wouldn’t make it my favorite superman movie but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t see it again.








Combined Rating =  Solid B+