Fallout: New California Incompatibility List

A 32-bit Operating System.

If you do not have MORE THAN 4GB of RAM, you will crash on load. New California is a lot heavier than New Vegas and won’t run on your system.

Solid Project Obstacle Climbing

Rolls are okay and work for a melee build! Obstacle climbing will let you into places where we used natural gravity to make an area inaccessible as part of the story.

Roleplayers Alternative Start

This ruins us right from the very beginning. Permanently incompatible.

Tale of Two Wastelands

Long ago our teams parted ways and went to their separate projects, and after losing communication the systems we use, and the systems they use, gradually overlapped in ways that will take someone a week or two to fix. Our storyline also invalidates theirs in some fundamental ways that will be hard to square. Not impossible, especially as an Enclave player, but very unlikely that the Star Player is the Lone Wanderer is the Courier. Without Interdimensional Time Travel or something.

NTO - FNC Patch

Not compatible with version 204 and above. Reverts Jameson's AI packages and causes the caravan to get stuck at the Fort Daggerpoint Gate.

Fallout 4 Quick Loot

This isn’t always incompatible, but it causes problems at two key areas of our mod. Use this replacement version that is just the same but doesn’t break New Vegas or our mod.

Simple DLC Delay

We have our own DLC delay installed with FNC. :) Use ours while playing FNC.The reason you should use ours only matters if you revise your character when going to bed. Our plugin saves the DLC trait(s) you may have chosen.

True Wasteland Economy

Not confirmed, but if it destroys the Fixer in Pinehaven Hospital it means Johnny will always die. Not a bug, just be warned.

Project Nevada Rebalance Module

Can cause required quest items to disappear in FNC if you use the loot remover, like said fixer above. Not a major concern if you like your game harsh, but be warned.

Mission Mojave Ultimate Edition

Goes straight in the trash. Don't even get me started. Causes hellacious problems. Aborts startup scripts causing New Vegas to start instead of FNC, quest bugs, all kinds of bad things.

Nexus Mod Manager

It’s not incompatible for advanced users. For the everyday user it is a nightmare of crashes and install woes. We recommended MO2 or Vortex. If you know what you are doing good for you. You are however in the minority it seems. :p You glorious patient bastard.


As much as I love my old FOMM (it’s what I use!) it wrecks users left and right, especially when using old versions. We can’t support it anymore due to that overwhelming failure rate. Use MO2 or Vortex, they are highly reliable. We’re issuing a new upload now. (later tonight)


Causes hang on level up at the start of FNC.

Human Plague Perk

Apparently causes failure to launch New California.

Boosted Skill Effects

Causes a permanent black screen at start of FNC.

Delayed Level up

Aborts our startup quests and level ups. Game breaking.

Electro City

Causes CTDs even onn the best computers.

Enhanced NPC Awareness

Massive AI bloat and bad behaviour we never accounted for, sometimes game breakingly so.

Vanilla Intro Plus

It forces the game to start in New Vegas.

STR Robot mod

Apparently lets you play as a robot, and as a consequence breaks the vigor tester at the start of the mod.

Honest Hearts Reborn

Causes FNC to fail to launch.


Makes some actors unkillable

Awesome Crippling Effects

Apparently causes companions to flyyy like a superhero.

Ghoulified - Immersive Playable Ghoul

Modifies the VCG00ScriptNV

There’s a cleaned Version that works: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/65959/

Bellevue Bill Regal Rises

I think you may add "Bellevue Bill Regal Rises" to the list of incompatible mods.

It just started the normal NV campaign until I disabled said mod.

Zan AutoPurge Crash Protector - New Vegas Edition

Plus any other mod that uses the PCB command.

ELECTRO-CITY - Relighting the Wasteland

Some users reported crashes when exiting the vault

New California Character Overhaul

Version 0.2 is undoing important changes we made to Jameson.

Update to version 0.21 which is ok.

Fallout Who Vegas - Complete

"Having Fallout Who and New California installed at the same time makes the game CTD from the menu"