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RC 2010 12 Dec
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Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Teachers Association

PO Box 494, Burnt Hills, New York 12027

Representative Council Meeting

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Middle School Library

 Jason Lasky, Mike Mosall, Lisa Febraio, Brad Thomas, Jen Adams, Valerie Wadsworth, Lyndsay Wilson, Aimee Miller, Sue Cifaratta, Rocco Montesano, Andrew Haluska, Kathy Yando, Tracy McCarthy, Stephanie Andrejcak, Raelene Noll, Mary Grasso, Dianne Alois, Michelle Carbonelli, Renee Tolan, Andy Lancaster, Melissa Thomas, Danielle Manning, Kristin Trapini, Suzanne Rayome, Sue Guba, Star Gaworecki, Carol DiLallo (23/27 = 85% -- italics indicate absent members)

The meeting was called to order by Mike Mosall at 3:55.

Action Items

The minutes from the November 2010 meeting were approved.

The Treasurer's November 2010 report was accepted.

Discussion Items

Negotiation Process -- Chief Negotiator Andrew Haluska talked about the processes that will be used to prioritize items collected from the Association membership.  This is scheduled to occur on Thursday, January 6 at the High School.

Budget Forums -- There was a lengthy discussion of the role Association members should play at the upcoming Budget Forums. Given the tough budget situation, there is potential for conflict. The Council agreed to begin by finding out the exact dates and formats of the forums and suggested that Rep. Council members attend, but only to listen and gather information (Executive Board will work on a plan to guide Rep. Council members at the meetings). The information may be used to create informational documents for community members at a later date.

New Teacher Handbook -- Mary Grasso introduced the idea of building-specific handbooks for new teachers. Some members pointed out that mentors should be helping to orient new teachers, but others suggested that there are many “little” pieces of information that, if organized, could help teachers better adjust to their buildings. The Council will work on a template that can be customized by each building.

Upcoming Committees -- Jason Lasky explained that a few committees with Association reps will soon be formed. Emails seeking members interested in serving on the committees will be sent as the committees are being formed.  

Handbook for District Committee Chairs  -- The handbook was reviewed and edited. It will be posted on the Association website soon.

Motion -- Jason Lasky made a motion to spend $750 on the 2011 Flag Day Parade (this money has already been budgeted as part of the 2010-2011 budget). The motion passed.

TRS Workshop -- On Wednesday, February 2nd there will be a free Teacher Retirement System (TRS) workshop in Queensbury from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.  The guest speaker is a NYSUT TRS representative.  If you have any questions about retirement this should be a good opportunity to learn more.

SDM Survey -- Association members on Building Councils (at each of the five buildings) will be surveyed to get a better idea of how the Shared Decision making process is going at the building level.

Good of the Order -- Mike Mosall talked about tax cap proposals in the state legislature. There seems to be broad support for such legislation. If such legislation is put into effect, it will have a significant impact on school funding.

Good of the Order -- There was discussion of elementary principals collecting Fountas and Pinnell data in January and June. There is concern that this data may be used in inappropriate ways and that analysis could be based on poor methodology.

Good of the Order -- A 504 document has been circulated among building AIS chairs for feedback. There is some concern that this document was created by a few individuals and does not deal with important issues in each building.

Adjournment -- The meeting adjourned at 5:26pm.