Define it in your own words here:

Part 2: Check out the largest Reform Movements of the time period and take a few bullet notes on what each reform was about/intended to fix, and the major leaders in each reform.


Reform Information









Women’s Rights

Part 3: You and your partner will be choosing one of the following Reform Movements to make a Public Service Announcement about (pretending we are back in the 1800s!) Talk to your partner and then go to this Google Form and tell me which Movement you will be selecting and why.

Time for you and your partner to start researching for your PSA! Click here to read over the directions of what you will be doing.

Complete Steps 1+2: PSA Examples on your own.

After that, open up a new Google Document & share with your partner and start doing some more research on your reform movement before you create your PSA! (Remember you are pretending that you are writing this PSA for people in the 1800s!) Turn your PSA into Google Classroom when you are finished.

***We will be watching all the PSA’s as a class and grading them here.**