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HOM | Frequently Asked Questions
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HOM | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get technical assistance in my region?

Organization: Food Connects  

Office Location: Brattleboro, VT


Contact: Helen Rortvedt,

Region: The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

Organization: Green Mountain Farm-to-School

Office Location: Newport, VT


Contact: Lauren Sopher, 

Region: The Upper Valley of Vermont & New Hampshire

Organization: Vital Communities

Office LocaRegion: Windham County & Southeastern Windsor County

tion: White River Junction, VT


Contact: Beth Roy,

2. What is the HOM Calendar for the 2014-15 school year?

Check out our Calendar page and/or download the PDF version.

3. Where can I view a map or download a list of current pledgers?

Check out our Pledgers page. We update the map and list quarterly.

4. Do I need to renew my pledge each year?

Yes, please renew! Let’s:

5. Can more than one person be the primary pledger for an institution?

Please have one primary pledger per institution. Why?

6. Can supervisory unions and school districts sign the pledge?

Please have schools pledge individually. Why?

7. Is the $25.oo Basic Membership required?

Membership is not required, but we encourage you to chip in, if able. In order to help us sustain the HOM program, we're suggesting a one year Basic Membership contribution of $25.00 to cover the cost of printing and shipping the posters.

8. What does the $50.00 Share the Harvest Membership entail?

The breakdown: $25.00 goes to your Basic Membership, and $25.00 to the sponsorship of another institution's Basic Membership, which we call Sharing the Harvest”.

9. When will I receive my posters?

November 10th | We’ll send December, January, and February

December 8th | We’ll send December, January, and February

January 12th | We’ll send December, January, and February

February 9th | We’ll send March, April, and May

March 9th | We’ll send March, April, and May

April 13th | We’ll send March, April, and May

May 11th | We’ll send June, July, and August

June 8th | We’ll send June, July, and August

July 13th | We’ll send June, July, and August

     10. Can I be an HOM Member, but not receive posters?

Yes, absolutely—please indicate on your HOM Pledge. If you have already signed the pledge for 2014-15 and don’t want to receive posters, please contact HOM Coordinator, Lauren Sopher at

     11. Does HOM need to be school wide?

No way! Incorporate HOM into your institution at whatever scale you have the capacity for; get ideas from our HOM 101 | Classroom and HOM 101 | Cafeteria resources. Each year, we hope that your institution’s involvement with HOM deepens.

     12. How can I involve high school students in HOM?

     13. Where can I share photos, recipes, lesson plans, and stories?

Check out our Share Your Story page! You can write a blurb, input a recipe or lesson plan, and upload photos or a video.

14. Where can I view the HOM photos I submitted online?

Check out our Flickr account, where photos are updated weekly; the website is updated quarterly.

     15. Where can I purchase individual posters?

Check out our Online Shop page.

     16. Where can I donate to HOM?

 Check out our PayPal Donation page. Thank you!