Field Experience ~ FALL 2014

Student Name:  ________________________________________

Hamline email address:__________________________

Hamline ID#:  _______________________

Instructor: Jeanne Connelly     CRN #10652


GED 7872 ~ Exceptionality

Type of Experience:

Duration, Frequency and Approximate Dates:

4 hours for MAT students

10 hours for UTE students

Student Expectations:

Student will observe for student interaction patterns, adaptations and accommodations, and inclusive strategies.  They may be asked to support the classroom as needed.

Host Teacher Involvement:

Complete a final online evaluation of the teacher candidate’s contributions to your classroom environment.


Hamline Supervision:

No direct supervision from Hamline. Professor may make a brief classroom visit.


Will be sent at the end of the semester.

Hamline Contact:

Dana Coleman

Office of Clinical Experience

Hamline University

School of Education