Land O’Lakes Quilt Guild, Inc.

2018 Officers

President:                        Nancy Russell


1st Vice President:                Lori Andreasen


2nd Vice President:                Rachel Graviett


3rd Vice President:                Marie Parker


Newsletter:                        Nancy Gaudette


Secretary:                        Elizabeth Herman


Treasurer:                        Colyn Bryant


2019 Chairpersons

Show and Tell                        David Van Vooren

TAQG Representative                Jeanne Fletcher

Social Media                        Dianna Martinez


Quilt Garage Sale                Marilyn Van Vooren

Block of the Month                Gloria Baldwin

Membership Table                Marie Parker

Bee Keeper                        Stephanie Jacobson

Community Service                Liz Moyer and Nancy Russell

Hospitality                        Cynthia Nolan

Sunshine and Shadows        Dena Doane

Door Prizes                        Valerie Peters


The purpose of the Land O’ Lakes Quilt Guild, Inc. is to preserve and promote interest in quilting.  We strive to provide a forum for quilters and quilt enthusiasts to learn the art and history of quilting.

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of membership in LOLQG include being able to attend monthly meetings, participating in workshops, retreats, and friendship groups.  Members will also receive the Guild’s monthly newsletter, Going to Pieces  as well as the annual directory. 

Members may show their Guild membership card at various area quilt and fabric shops for a 10% discount on purchases.  Not all shops participate in this program, so you have to ask each one.

Monthly Meetings

Meetings are held each month which include a speaker or demonstration, Show and Tell, patterns available for the Block of the Month, door prizes, birthday drawing, along with various other fun activities.  A brief business meeting is held so that current and upcoming issues and projects can be discussed.

Guild Officers and Duties

The Board of Directors consists of at least seven officers.  Each officer shall be elected in November for a one-year term that begins January 1st.  Below is a description of each of the officers.

President:  Presides over all regular meetings, may sign checks from the treasury and is responsible for scheduling and conducting board meetings.  She is a standing member of all committees and is responsible for Publicity, which involves keeping area quilt and fabric shops supplied with information about LOLQG and notifies area newspaper of upcoming events.

1st Vice President:  Responsible for coordinating, arranging and following up on programs, retreats, and workshops.  She must prepare an annual report for the President at the end of the year.  In the absence of the President, the 1st Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.

2nd Vice President:  Responsible for the Block of the Month, fabric and/or ornament exchanges, Door Prizes, Birthday drawing, and the annual Challenge.  She must prepare an annual report for the President at the end of the year which is to include an inventory of door prizes.

3rd Vice President:  Responsible for greeting all members and guests to the monthly meetings and for making sure all attendees sign in upon arrival; keeps a current, updated list of all members and provides the Newsletter Editor with the names of any new members as well as updates or corrections to current member information; keeps a supply of new member packets; is responsible for  keeping information on small groups; and is over the Community Service, Membership and Hospitality committees.  She must prepare an annual report for the President at the end of the year.

Secretary:  Keeps the minutes of all regular monthly meetings and board meetings, provides a copy of the minutes of every meeting to the President and to the Newsletter Editor, keeps an updated copy of the bylaws and standing rules.

Treasurer:  Prepares the annual budget, makes monthly and annual reports to the guild, handles all banking aspects (receives, deposits and disperses all funds), keeps record of all financial activities.

Newsletter Editor:  Collects articles from various board members and committee chairpersons and compiles them into a monthly newsletter, coordinates the printing and mailing of newsletters to members each month.

Committee Chairs

Bee Keeper:  Keeps track of on-going friendship groups, informs new members and visitors of the Bees; helps new bees get started and keeps the members updated on current group activities and needs through the newsletter and guild meetings.

Sunshine & Shadows:  Collects news about guild members and submits it to the newsletter editor for publication in the monthly newsletter.

TAQG Rep:  Represents LOLQG at monthly TAQG meeting, informs Guild of current activities and needs, and submits updates to the newsletter editor for publication in the monthly newsletter.

Texas Association of Quilt Guilds:  TAQG is a not-for-profit association.  Representatives from each of the 33 member Guilds form the TAQG Board of Directors.  The purpose of TAQG is to support and assist their sister Guilds. This is done by holding meetings every other month in Lewisville.  While the Board of Directors meets, Guild chairmanships are invited to attend an additional meeting in which they share information about their specific areas.  The largest event of the year is Rally Day which is held in July.  A nationally known quilter is invited to speak.  The Land O’ Lakes representative is Jeanne Fletcher (

Publicity:  Keeps area quilt and fabric shops supplied with information about LOLQG and notifies area newspapers of upcoming events.

Webpage:  Maintains LOLQG web site with monthly updates such as the current issue of newsletter.

Community Service:  Coordinates the making of quilts to be donated to local charities; decides to which charities quilts will be given and takes the quilts to them; collects donated batting and fabric from local vendors.

Advertising:  Solicits area quilts shops for advertisements to be placed in the monthly newsletters and annual directory; submits ads to the newsletter editor for placement in the newsletter; submits ads for the directory to the directory editor.

Historian:  Keeps history of the Guild through photographs taken at Guild meetings of speakers, demonstrations, and show and tell; compiles the photos into a photo album.

Raffle Quilt:  Submits ideas for the quilt to the Guild and then facilitates the making of the quilt from start to finish.  Then has tickets made and oversees the selling of tickets through Guild members and local venues such as area guild, craft shows, and other locations as they arise.

Challenge:  Decides a theme for the annual challenge, presents it to the Guild, establishes prize categories, and obtains awards for prizes, finds people from outside the Guild to act as judge, and officiates over the challenge at the July meeting.

Show & Tell:  At the monthly Guild meetings the Show & Tell Chairman will have a sheet for people to write their name and a description of what they are showing.  The person will tell about their project while the committee displays it.  After the meeting, the Chairman gives the sheet to the Newsletter Chairman to be published in the next month’s newsletter.

New Member Social:  Twice a year a new member social is held before a scheduled meeting.  The board members will bring refreshments and the Officers and Chairpersons explain, in detail, the different aspects and activities of the Guild.

Land O’ Lakes Quilt Guild Bylaws

Revised March 14, 2014


1.01        The name of this organization shall be the Land O’ Lakes Quilt Guild, Inc. (henceforth, called the Guild).


2.01        The Guild is organized and will be operated exclusively for education purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provisions or provision of any subsequent United States revenue law.

2.02        The Guild shall promote interest in and appreciation of fine quality quilts, to sponsor and support quilt activities, to encourage quilt making and collecting, to expand knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles and patterns and to foster common interests.


3.01        Any person shall be declared a member of the Land O’Lakes Quilt Guild, Inc. upon payment of the annual dues.

3.02        The amount of annual dues shall be determined by a recommendation of the Board of Directors (henceforth, called the Board), subject to a vote of ⅔ members at a regular guild meeting.

3.03        Members whose dues are not paid by the February Guild meeting will be automatically dropped from the membership of the Guild.

3.04        Membership in the Guild is not transferable or assignable.  Dues are not refundable.

3.05        Each members present at the meeting is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote. (See Article IV - 4.06.)

3.06        Any person may attend two meetings of the guild as a guest; however, further attendance requires payment of the annual dues.  In the event of a special speaker, the board may decide to charge a fee for guests.


4.01        Regular meetings of the members of the Guild shall be held each month (unless otherwise ordered by the Guild or by the Board), for the purpose of transacting any business which may properly come before the meeting.  Such meetings shall be at the place and time designated by the Guild President, Board or by majority vote of the Guild members present at the preceding regular meeting.

4.02        The regular meeting in November shall be known as the annual meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers.  (See Article IV - 4.02.)

4.03        Special Guild meetings may be called by the President, by the Board or may be called by the written request of at least twenty-five percent of the voting members of the Guild.  The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the request.  Except in cases of emergency, at least three days notice.

4.04        The President, the Board or the Guild members calling any special meeting may designate any place as the place of meeting for such special meeting.

4.05        A quorum shall be twenty-five percent of the current membership as determined by the 3rd Vice President of Membership.  If a quorum is not present at any meeting of members, no business shall be conducted except that a majority of the members present may adjourn the meeting.  A majority vote of the members in attendance at the meeting shall rule unless otherwise noted in the bylaws.

4.06        The President votes only to break a tie.


5.01        The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the following officers of the Guild:  President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor, and shall have authority to manage the affairs of the Guild in a manner consistent with the policies of the Guild as outlined in the Articles of Incorporation and these bylaws. (See Article VI - 6.01, vacancy 6.06 removal 6.07.)

5.02        The number of Directors shall be at least seven.  They shall serve a one year term being elected at the November annual meeting by the membership.  (See Article VI-6.04.)

5.03        The annual meeting of the Board shall be held without other notice than this bylaw between the election in November and the first Guild meeting in January.  Other regular board meetings may be held at the discretion of the President or Board.

5.04        The Board shall have general supervision of the place of meetings, make recommendations to the Guild, and shall perform such other duties as are specified in these bylaws.  The Board shall be subject to the orders of the Guild and none of its acts shall conflict with action taken by the Guild.

5.05        Special Board meetings may be called by the President or upon the written request of three members of the Board of Directors.  The person(s) calling such meeting shall designate the time and place of such meeting and shall provide at least three days notice.

5.06        A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum.  In the event of a quorum not being present, a majority of the Board present may adjourn the meeting without further notice.

5.07        The Board may accept on behalf of the Guild any contributions, gift or bequest for the guild.  


6.01        The elected officers of the Guild shall be the Board of Directors.  This Board shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Guild.  All of the Board shall be members of the Guild.

6.02        Officers, as such, shall not receive any compensation for their services, but may serve the Guild in any other capacity and receive just compensation.

6.03        The Officers shall be elected by the members present to serve for one year or until their successors are elected, and their term of office shall begin January 1st and end December 31st of the same year.

6.04        No members shall hold more than one office at a a time, and no member shall be eligible to serve more than three consecutive terms in the same office.

6.05        Each officer shall submit a copy of their annual report to the President.  She will make three copies, one to be placed in the Information Book, one to be transferred to the incoming officer and one for the Secretary.

6.06        A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the 1st Vice President.  Vacancies in any office other than the President shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board.  An officer elected to fill a vacancy shall be elected for the unexpired term of his/her predecessor in office.

6.07        Any officer may be removed by the unanimous vote of the remaining members of the Board of Directors and by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the next regular meeting, whenever, in their judgment, the best interests of the Guild would be served.

6.08        President:  The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Guild and shall, in general, supervise and control all of the business and affairs of the Guild.

  1. Shall preside at all Guild meetings of the members and the Board.
  2. Except for the Nominating Committee, the President shall serve as ex-officio members of all committees.
  3. The President may also sign, in the absence of the Treasurer, any checks on the Guild’s behalf, and, with the Secretary or any other proper officer of the Guild authorized by the Board of Directors, may sign any bonds, contracts, or other instruments which the Board has authorized to be executed.
  4. The President will review the Treasurer’s books with 2 volunteer members of the Guild bi-annually.

6.09        1st Vice-President:  Shall be responsible for coordinating, arranging, and following up on programs, retreats and workshops.

  1. Is a standing member of all committees.
  2. Performs duties of President in her absence or whenever deemed necessary by the Board.

6.10        2nd Vice-President:  Oversees all events of the monthly meetings.

1.        Is a standing member of all committees.

6.11        3rd Vice-President:  Oversees all items pertaining to Membership, hospitality and Community Service.

1.        Notifies the President that a quorum is present before each meeting.

2.        Is a standing member of all committees.

6.12        Treasurer:  Shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds and securities of the Guild.

1.        Receives and gives receipts for monies to the Guild.

2.         Deposits all monies in the name of the Guild in banks or institutions as directed by the Board of Directors.

3.        Maintains all financial records.

4.        Provides financial report at Board Meetings.

5.        Provides a written condensed financial report at all general Guild meetings.

6.        Has all records available for audit on request.

7.         Prepares and presents a full financial report to the Board of Directors prior to the December (end of the financial year) meeting.

8.        Has financial reports available for and participate in a semi-annual review by the President of the Guild and two volunteers

9.        Is responsible for completion and submission of State and Federal forms regarding finances of the Guild in a timely manner.

10.        Assists incoming and outgoing Presidents and Treasurer in preparation of projected budget.

6.13        Secretary:  Keeps the minutes of the General meetings and Board meetings and conducts all general correspondence.  Is Custodian of all corporate documents and maintains a record book which includes the bylaws, policies/standing rules, official annual reports, committee reports, newsletters and minutes.  Should have the current book on hand at every meeting.

6.14        Newsletter Editor:  Publishes and distributes a monthly newsletter notifying guild members of general meetings, programs and workshops as information is provided.


7.01        Any standing or special committees shall be appointed by the President of the Guild or the Board.

7.02        The chairperson(s) of any standing or special committee shall be appointed by the Board.

7.03        The Nominating Committee shall consist of a chairperson appointed by the Board of Directors.  The additional 2 members and 1 alternate of the Nominating Committee shall be elected at the July regular meeting.  Members from a Nominating Committee may be candidates, but if they accept a nomination, they must resign from the Nominating Committee and be replaced by the alternate.  The Nominating Committee shall prepare and present a slate of officers consisting of one or more candidates for each elected office in the September edition of the newsletter.  The Nominating Committee shall also present the published slate of officers at the September regular meeting.  Nominations form the floor will be accepted at the October regular meeting.  Nominees from the floor must be present to accept their nominations.  The Nominating Committee shall also serve as the election tellers at the annual election of officers.


8.01        These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Guild by a two-thirds vote of members present, provided the amendment has been published in the most recent newsletter or at a previous general guild meeting.

8.02        Changes to the bylaws may be proposed by the membership-at-large or by the Board.


9.01        Rules of business will be guided by Robert’s Rules of Order or comparable parliamentary procedure guidelines

9.02        The Board may appoint a Parliamentarian.


10.01        In the event of the dissolution or disbanding of Land O’Lakes Quilt Guild, Inc. any and all funds remaining in the treasury of the Land O’Lakes Guild Guild, Inc., will be turned over to another educational, tax-exempt quilt guild, or to a charitable organization.  The recipient organization will be determined, upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors, by a majority vote of the members present at a regular Guild meeting.



  1. Is responsible for directing the By-Law Committee, Historian, Raffle Quilt Chairman, Show & Tell, TAQG Representative, Publicity, and Web Page in addition to all Board Members.
  2. Writes a President report and receives annual reports of all officers and committee chairpersons at the annual meeting and transfers them to the appropriate incoming officers with duplicate copies going to the Secretary and to the Information Book.
  3. May create any temporary committee for a specific purpose, which committee will cease to exist after its specific function is completed.
  4. Coordinates personnel to check post office box at least bi-weekly.
  5. Shall assist the current Treasurer and incoming President and Treasurer in preparation of a projected budget, to be presented to the New Board of Directors at the Annual Board meeting.
  6. Shall determine if cancellation of monthly guild meeting is advised due to inclement weather.  The guild meeting will be cancelled if the Lewisville School District is closed due to inclement weather OR closes early due to inclement weather; the meeting will go on as scheduled if the Lewisville School District delays the school day start, but does not cancel school.

Publicity Guidelines

  1. Posts the notice of the monthly meetings in the local newspaper and other media sources.
  2. Prepares signs, handouts and/or brochures to be placed in locations promoting the Guild and the art of quilting.
  3. Writes articles or notifies the media of pertinent Guild activities.
  4. Keeps a file of possible publicity sources with the names of contacts and deadline dates.
  5. Maintains an information area at the Guild meetings with available brochures, flyers, ads, and other items.
  6. Prepares an annual report.

1st Vice President

  1. Oversees all items pertaining to Programs, retreats and workshops, personally or via her Chairmen.
  2. Coordinates advance notice of such programs, retreats, and workshops with Newspaper Editor.
  3. Arranges local accommodations and transportation for guest speakers.
  4. Is requested to plan at least the January, February and March programs in the year after her term ends, and may plan programs and retreats further into the next year.  May plan even further for a national speaker.
  5. Prepares a report of all duties performed throughout the year to include, but not limited to, all programs, workshops and retreats to be given to the President at the Annual Board meeting.

Program Guidelines:

  1. Programs presented by Guild members at the monthly Guild meeting may be compensated a maximum of $75 per program.  Any “co-presenters” will split the maximum amount of $75 per program.
  2. All presenters will sign a contract for programs and workshops to include subject, amount of time, fee, transportation costs and cancellation clause.  In the event of a special speaker, the Board may decide to charge a fee for guests.
  3. If a guild speaker is not paid for the program, a maximum of $25 may be spent on a gift.

Workshop Guidelines:

  1. Total Fee for workshops is due upon registration.  Refunds made only if space can be filled from a waiting list.  Registration is nontransferable unless there is a waiting list.  Registration is open to non-members 15 days prior to scheduled workshop or as determined by the Board.  The workshop will be cancelled if the required number of participants is not met 12 days prior to workshop date.
  2. Workshops taught by Guild members may be compensated at a rate agreed upon by the Guild member(s) and the 1st Vice President.

Retreat Guidelines:

  1. Twenty-five percent fee is due upon registration, the remaining payments to be determined by the Chairman.  No refunds, unless space can be filled from a waiting list.  Registration is non-transferable unless there is a waiting list.

2nd Vice President

  1. Oversees all events of the monthly meetings personally or via her Chairmen.
  2. Is responsible for $30 petty cash box.
  3. Is responsible for monthly Guild door prizes.  Door prizes are for members only and they must be present to win.
  4. Is responsible for Block of the Month and Special Fabric Exchanges.
  5. Is responsible if she decides to renew participation in the following past Guild exchanges, such as:  Hard Block of the Month, Border Bash, Round Robins, December Ornament Exchange or Name Tag Exchange.
  6. Is responsible for Anniversary Quilt.
  7. Is responsible for Challenge Committee and all other monthly Guild activities including new ones.
  8. Prepares an annual report of all duties performed throughout the year to include, but not limited to, a list of shops donating door prizes, a list of any activities sponsored, and report on the Challenge(s) for the year.

3rd Vice President

  1. Oversees all items pertaining to Membership, Hospitality and Community Service personally or via her Chairmen, including Sunshine and Shadows.
  2. Greets all guests and new members and is responsible for sign-in at the door at the Guild meetings.
  3. Is responsible for Bee Keeper.  Keeps a list of the Bees and their members.
  4. Is responsible for Community Service Committee, Also responsible for Membership and Hospitality Committee including bi-annual New Member’s Social and Special Events, such as Guild dinners and Guild public appearances (for example, demonstrations)
  5. Prepares an annual report of all duties performed throughout the year to include, but not limited to, a list of new members joined, a total of guests, a list of Bees, a report on each committee listed in #4 above.

Membership Guidelines:

  1. Maintains a supply and issues membership cards and membership forms.  Collects all dues. Membership dues must be paid by the February meeting.
  2. Prepares and distributes a directory to each member at the March meeting.  Members have their dues in by the February Guild meeting to be in the directory.
  3. Provides the Newsletter Editor with a monthly list of new members (including name, address, telephone number and other pertinent information) as well as all updated and/or corrections to existing list.
  4. Maintains a supply of information packets for new members.
  5. Any members who have not paid by March 1st will be automatically dropped from the membership roster.
  6. Dues paid by renewing members only after March 1st will be charged full membership dues at #30.  Membership dues are prorated for new members only per the following rate schedule (see below).  A new member is defined as a person that has not been a member for the past calendar year.

Schedules of Dues for New Members

                        Join in:                Member:                Senior/Junior

                        Jan-Apr                $30                        $25

                        May-Aug                $25                        $20

                        Sept-Dec                $20                        $15

  1. Senior members, a person who is 60 years or older, and Junior members, a person who is 17 years or younger, will pay $25 per year.  All other members will pay dues of $30 per year.
  2. A $25 fee may be charged on all returned checks.

Community Service Guidelines:

  1. Coordinates our involvement in local community activities in which we are invited to demonstrate our craft.
  2. Allocates charitable donations as per members and Boards recommendations.
  3. Keeps track of Guild member’s individual volunteer efforts in the community (educational programs, quilt demonstrations, equipment donations)
  4. Delivers donated items to charities selected by the Guild.
  5. Prepares an annual report to be given to the President at the annual meetings.


  1. Is responsible for filing the Texas Sales Tax return forms and issuing Guild’s check to the State Comptroller’s Office for payment of sales tax collected.
  2. Presents the budget to the Guild at the January Guild meeting, or gives a copy of it to the Newsletter Editor to be published in the February Newsletter to be voted on at the February Guild meeting.
  3. During the period that the budget is not yet approved, the Board may approve expenditures of Officers and Committee chairpersons.
  4. Prepares an annual report of all duties performed throughout the year to include, but not limited to, the budget and actual expense report.
  5. Check the Guild’s post office box at least by-weekly.


  1. Takes minutes at the Guild monthly meetings and provides a copy to the Newsletter Editor by the due date.
  2. Takes minutes at the Guild Board meetings.
  3. Post notices of all meetings via the newsletter.
  4. Is responsible for making changes with new officer information on Texas Sales Reports and Corporate documents by the end of February each year.
  5. Is responsible for maintaining the Guild web site information with the current Webmaster.
  6. Prepares an annual report of all duties performed throughout the year.

Newsletter Editor:

  1. Ads are available for:
  1. Businesses (preferences is given to quilt-related businesses and content is subject to approval of Newspaper Editor.)

1 Month        3 Months        6 Months

        Business Card                $7.50                $15.00                $27.00

        ¼ Page                $10.00                $22.00                $39.60

        ½ Page                $15.00                $35.00                $63.00

        Full Page                $25.00                $60.00                $108.00

  1. Members (must be for individual, non-business related needs and content is subject to approval of Newsletter Editor) 10 cents per word, minimum charge of $2.00
  1. Publishes the minutes of regular Guild meetings, as provided by the Guild Secretary.
  2. Publishes a monthly financial report, as included in the minutes of the monthly meeting or as provided by the Treasurer.
  3. Publishes membership roster revisions and additions in the monthly newsletter as provided by the 3rd VP.
  4. Publishes in the September newsletter a state of offices presented by the Nominating Committee.
  5. Publishes the annual Treasurer’s report, as provided by the Treasurer.
  6. Published the budget in the February newsletter as provided by the Treasurer, if the Treasurer has not presented it to the Guild members at the January Guild meeting.
  7. Organizes the Newsletter Committee.
  8. Provides a newsletter to the Secretary for Guild archives.
  9. Prepares an annual report to be given to the President at the annual meeting.

Historian:  “The office of Historian will be suspended until such time as a majority of the guild membership requests the office be reinstated as active.”

  1. Is responsible for taking photographs of Guild activities.
  2. Is responsible for preparing an annual photo album.
  3. Prepares an annual report of duties performed throughout the year.

Texas Association of Quilt Guilds (TAQG) Representative:

  1. Is responsible for representing Guild at the TAQG Board meetings.
  2. Will invite Officers and Chairpersons to TAQG secondary meetings, who will be responsible for reporting to the Guild or Board.
  3. Keeps the Guild informed of TAQG information.
  4. Is a volunteer who will take office for the TAQG calendar year, January through December.
  5. Prepares an annual report of duties performed throughout the year.

Nominating Committee:

  1. Although it is not required, in addition seeking the 7 required officers, it would be greatly appreciated by the incoming Board if the Committee could fill several Chairmen positions.

General Rules for all Board Members and Chairmen:

  1. In order to be reimbursed for expenses already approved by the Board, an itemized receipt with the business name and date on it and a check request form must be submitted to the Treasurer.
  2. Each Officer and Chairperson must stay within their budget or ask permission of the Board - who may recommend the expenditures to the Guild for a vote.
  3. Outgoing Board of Directors will invite the incoming Board of Directors to the annual Board meetings.
  4. Each officer and chairman shall maintain a current listing of all Guild assets pertaining to her job, a current copy of these inventories to be given to the President at the annual meeting.  She will make 3 copies, one to be placed in the Information Book, one to be transferred to the incoming officer and one for the secretary.
  5. The new Board of Directors will be presented with a projected budget prepared by the incoming and outgoing President and Treasurer at the annual Board meetings.  After any revisions, this will be voted upon at the Board meeting.
  6. The Standing Rules may be amended or revised at any time by a majority vote of the Board members.

Land O’Lakes Guild Past Presidents:


Kay Graan


Melissa Clark


Donna Dickey


Nikki Mundt


Joanna Davis


Susan Robinson


Susan Mayer & Mary Strauch


Elizabeth Gage


Mary Strauch


Dina Dye


Sandy Brawner


Anne Marie Jennings


Paulette Murphy


Cheryl Isabell


Judy Benton


Susan Dargo


Liz Reinkin


Laurie Say


Juanita Lange (½ year)

Debbye Espe (½ year)


Connie Litfin


Debbye Espe


Maria Hall




President’s Award

The President’s Award, formerly called the Golden Thimble, has been awarded since 1995 by

the Guild President.  The award traditionally has gone to the person who helped the President

and/or the Guild in an outstanding way over the past year (many times, behind the scenes).  It is

An honor to receive this award, and it is usually given at the end of the President’s term.

President                                         Award Recipient

Judy Benton                                        Liz Reinkin

Liz Beinkin                                        Sandy Brawner

Juanita Lange                                        Jackie Stockard

Debbye Espe                                        Elizabeth Gage

Debbye Espe                                        Joan Lush & Mary Thomas

Melissa Clark                                        Annette Kingery

Susan Robinson                                Nanci Gardner

Elizabeth Gage                                Mary Thomas

Elizabeth Gage                                Donna Benedetto & Vick Spink

Dina Dye                                        Donna Benedetto & Kim Saxton

Dina Dye                                        Nita Hinshaw

Anne-Marie Jennings                                Connie Litfin

Anne-Marie Jennings                                MaryAnn Rainey, Dorothy Skeels, and Riva Wolff

Laurie Say                                        Riva Wolff

Connie Litfin                                                

Maria Hall                                        Dianna Martinez

Charter Members

Susan Ammon

Marion Kenney

Karen Wykrent

Lifetime Members

Sandy Brawner

Oma O’Neal

Billie Owens

Rhonda Stockard

Land O’Lakes Quilt Guild Bee Information

Laughing to Pieces        

Est 2006

Petra Cruz



1st & 3rd Thursdays

Lewisville Recreation Center on Corporate Dr.

Time:  6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Loose Threads

Est May 2000

Susan Lee



2nd Wednesdays - Members’ homes

4th Wednesdays - Coppell Library

Time:  10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


Est July 2005

Connie Litfin



1st & 3rd Mondays

Members’ homes

Time:  9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Needles and Hoops

Est 2010

Laurie Say



Last Monday

Starbucks in Barnes and Noble at Vista Ridge

Time:  9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Totally Stitchin’

Est 2014

Liz Moyer



3rd Monday

Quilt Country at 135 & Fox

Time: 6:00 p.m. - ?

Candle Holders

Est 2016

Diane Worley



3rd Thursday

Not Your Mama’s Quilt Shop in Plano

Time:  10:00 a.m. - ?

The Tinkers

Nita Hinshaw



4th Tuesdays

Nita Hinshaw’s home

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.