DHMN Organizational Meeting

June 24, 2013

Call to Order

Present: Paul K, Jake K, Karl P, Steve P, Bob T-Son, Kristin M, Mike P, Mark F, Ross L

Late arrival: Jason K

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Paul K

Seconded: Jake K


Treasurer's Report

Monthly subscriptions total:  ~~$720 (up $110)

    (estimated this month, ~$100 missing due to late payments)

6/24/2013 balances:

Checking balance: $1475.11

    Checking Monthly Debits: $550 (rent), $604 (insurance)

    Checking Monthly Credits: $548.62 (1 paypal tx, ADI grant @ 565)

Paypal total: $536.30

    Paypal transfers in progress: $0

    Paypal Money "Stuck": $536.30

Cash On hand: $50

Overall 6/24/2013 assets: 2061.41 (down $510.86)

Outstanding Assets / Liabilities: 550->850 /mo rent.  604/yr insurance

Other notes: have debit card, working with IRS on non-profit.

Moves to approve: Paul K

Seconded: Ross L


Old Business


We have insurance.

Grand Opening

Ross: Who wants to take responsibility? The official G.O. should be smooth.

Mike P: A committee?

Karl P: Will head up.

Mike P: Push it ahead so we have a month lead to promote.

Steve P: We may need event insurance.

Mike P: Would like to talk to Milwaukee and Madison to see if they have a sense of when would be best.

Ross L: Can we clarify what we want this to be? Party? Open House? Attract sponsors?

Steve P: Wait until Lawrence U is back in session. Look for groups to invite: amateur radio club, model airplane club, etc.

Paul K: do we need a permit for outdoor event?

Karl P: Like farmers market, we may be able to get it for free.

Ross L: Talk to our alderperson.

Mark F: Permits usually issued by Police.

Karl P was nominated and approved by voice vote as Grand Opening Planner

Ross L: Who read the Adafruit Hackerspace Open House How to?


Ross L summarized step seven.

Mark F: We haven’t yet completed step six, organizing the space. As part of open house planning, we should be presentable.

Kristin M: Promoting during Farmers Markets is a good way to preliminarily promote and refine our elevator speech.

Steve P: Has the group reached out to the local robotics events?

**Table specific date, tentatively looking at late summer/early fall.


Ed needs to post updates to the mailing list during the week

Rules and Policy committee report

Ross L: Trello board has been created. Appleton Makerspace ToDo Board.

Paul moves to give R & P committee two thumbs up.

Ross L: We only have a read link to the bylaws. We need an edit link to the bylaws.

Mike Putnam indicated that since the Google Doc is linked directly to our website, we should make changes on a separate document, and move them to the main document only after they are approved.

Rules and Policy committee agreed.

Mike Putnam sent Read/Write link to Draft version of new Bylaws document to Rules and Policy Committee.

Ross L: Asked if there were more questions about the items on the TODO board.


Scholarship Program

Paul: is interviewing people. We have four current scholarships. We should take a vote to extend them.

Paul: Motion to extend for a month all memberships for everyone not paying full fees.

Seconded: Mark


Building Security

Paul: Do we want to budget money?

Mark: Estimate $200. We need someone to take lead on this.

New Business

Equipment Manager and Budget

Jake has been volunteered, and he needs a budget.

Bob: What is the role of the Equipment Manager?

Ross: The Equipment Manager has final say on what goes in and out of the makerspace.  He has the ability to say yes and no to donations.

Paul: That's more of a Facilities Manager.  Was originally thinking more about procurement.

Mark: Jake’s good at finding stuff and getting it, like a procurement manager.

Steve: We also need a Facilities Manager.

Ross: Facilities Manager encompasses the roles of both equipment manager and procurement manager, and has a threshold of control above which decision goes to board.

Steve: the CTO can be the chairman of the Facilities Committee.

So, Jake is also the Facilities Committee chairman.

Mark F: Provided a rough estimate of no more than $500 to be used for facilities.

Ross: Moves that we make Jake, as Vice President, to be Facilities Manager and that we suggest to the Bylaws Committee that this be included in the role of Vice President in future modifications of the bylaws.

Seconded: Paul


**Table Volunteer Project Manager.

DHMN Future

Mark: I would like it to be a nice facility similar to Sector 67 and Milwaukee Makerspace.

It is a place for learning, creative, and technical endeavors.

**Table and toss to mailing list.;


Move to Adjourn: Paul K

Seconded: Bob T-Son