Extinction Rebellion                                                                                      CACE Proposal Outline

XR Demand of Government

The climate crisis and biodiversity loss are a threat to the future of all life on Earth.


Extinction Rebellion believes that the political system cannot make the long term, sustainable and fair decisions that are urgently needed to adequately address the climate crisis we are now facing.

We therefore demand that a citizens’ assembly be convened to identify and prioritise actions that will enable the United Kingdom to meet the targets necessary to help prevent collapse of the planet’s ecosystem and societal breakdown.

We demand that an independent body is commissioned, funded by the Government, to oversee the process of running an assembly of 150 - 300 citizens, chosen by sortition and advised by a range of experts, to answer the question:

‘How can the UK reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025?’

The Citizens Assembly for the Climate Emergency (CACE) should be mandated to propose recommendations to be properly debated by parliament and then implemented as legislation within a set timescale, both during the process and at its conclusion.

CACE should also be mandated to initiate additional citizen’s assemblies, to address specific areas of concern in greater detail where necessary, with the results being fed back for CACE to recommend.

CACE should be run by an independent, non-partisan body with an international, independent advisory and oversight body to verify implementation and progression of CACE recommendations.

As a demand of Extinction Rebellion it is our intent to ensure this process is implemented. Through the participation of UK citizens, the Government will be able to address the issues surrounding climate breakdown and deliver actionable and beneficial policies. By adopting this approach, the UK can be a beacon of deliberative democracy to other countries around the world, negating the worst of the potential climate scenarios and enlivening democratic participation.

Failure to implement the recommendations of CACE without valid reason will result in the continuation of our protests.