North Carolina Association for Scholastic Activities Competition Rules

  1. Quiz Bowl 
  1. Registration. All teams must register before the tournament according to Rule IX of the NCASA Competition Rules.
  2. Withdrawal. Teams that choose to not participate in a Tournament after registering to participate in that Tournament must notify NCASA.
  1. Registered Teams that withdraw from a Tournament during the Tournament registration period will not pay a penalty.
  2. Registered Teams that withdraw from a Tournament after the conclusion of the Pre-Tournament Registration period must pay a penalty.
  1. Registered Teams that withdraw from a Tournament eight (8) or more days prior to the day of the Tournament must pay a $30 penalty.
  2. Registered Teams that withdraw from a Tournament between eight (8) and one (1) day prior to the day of the Tournament must pay a $50 penalty.
  3. Registered Teams that withdraw from a Tournament less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the On-Site Registration period shall incur a $100 penalty.
  1. Penalties for withdrawal from a Tournament may be waived at the discretion of NCASA.
  1. Volunteer.
  1. Each team must provide one trained volunteer to help administer the tournament.
  2. The volunteers must arrive on site for the volunteer meeting one hour prior to the scheduled kick-off. The volunteer should bring the team’s buzzer system if one is available for use.
  3. Teams failing to furnish a volunteer will have the Coach serve in that role.
  4. If the coach is unwilling or unable to serve as Volunteer, the team will forfeit matches until a volunteer is found.
  1. Check-in. NCASA will publish a “check-in” period for the tournament at least a week prior to the day of the Tournament.
  1. A representative from each Team must check-in during this time period and confirm the roster of Players that will compete.
  2. Late check-ins will be accepted if the tournament director is notified before the kick-off meeting. However, teams must forfeit matches if they are not onsite for their scheduled matches.
  1. NCASA will follow NAQT Rules with the exceptions noted in F below.
  1. Current NAQT Rules can be found in Appendix A and at the following link:
  2. If there is a discrepancy, the rules found within this document (NCASA Competition Rules) will take precedence.
  1. Exceptions to NAQT Rules:
  1. Section D #2 replaced with [2. A team consists of a maximum of eight Players who meet all eligibility rules. However, no more than four of a team's Players may be actively competing at any one time. Teams may play short, with a minimum of one Player.]
  2. Section F #2 – 9 will be removed and replaced with [2. All matches will be untimed and will continue until all 20 questions are read.]
  1. Kick-off meeting. A meeting will be held at the beginning of each tournament to review brackets, special rules, schedule, and other necessary information. Teams will begin play following the kick-off meeting.
  2. Bracket Format will be setup according to the number of teams at each tournament.
  3. Advancement Procedure: The following rules are used, in order, to determine standings or advancement from round-robin or pool play.
  1. Win-loss record
  2. Points per game
  3. Point differential (average points scored minus average points allowed)
  4. Points per bonus (number of bonus points earned divided by number of bonus questions attempted)
  5. Head-to-head
  1. Advancement to State Tournament
  1. Advancement to the State Tournament will be determined and published by the Quiz Bowl committee after registration is closed but before the Regional Tournaments.
  2. Advancement requirements will be published to all participating schools.