Formation Sign worn by all ranks

Of Vulnerable Points Companies,

Worn below the CMP title on both

Upper arms.   Can be found printed

On linen and embroidered on felt.

Vulnerable Points Companies were formed under ACI 847 of 1941 in February 1941 and were nicknamed “Bluecaps” as they wore blue cap covers on their service dress caps instead of the scarlet covers worn by CMP Provost Wing.   They also wore a blue diamond with the red letters V.P on each arm below the shoulder title.   During 1941 the VP sections varied in ranks and numbers depending on the Vulnerable Point they were guarding.   After 1941 VP Companies were broken down into sections, each Company was commanded by a Captain together with a CSM and CQMS, the majority of men were Private soldiers and were Command Troops under an APM (VP).   The number of sections in a Company varied with the point they were guarding.   There were two kinds of VP posts, VP1’s were guarded by VP Sections with various kinds of arms and were dug in in a static defensive position.   VP2’s were normal VP points and were operated as a flexible guard, these men normally carried truncheons and whistles.   These Companies were formed from older men and men of a lower medical category.   The formation of the VP Companies released thousands of Infantrymen for front line duty.   They were used to guard Docks, Reservoirs, Gas Dumps, Ammunition Dumps, Radio Locating Stations, Ordnance Depots, Medical Depots, Petrol Depots, Headquarters, Prisoners of War and Prisoner of War Camps etc. Later on in the war the VP Companies were issued with War Dogs.   HQ 602 Company (VP) + 3 Sections landed in Normandy on the 6 June 1944.   601 Company (VP) arrived at Nan Beach and set up a POW cage at Banneville on the 7 June 1944.   By December 1944 603, 604, 605, 606, 607, 608, 609, 610, 611, 612, 701, 702, 703, 704, 705 Companies (VP) were all serving in North West Europe.   They also served all over the world during WWII.   UK VP Companies seem to have been numbered in the 300’s and 21 Army Units in the 600’s and 700’s.   By the end of 1947 the VP companies were disbanded.   The VP wing was reformed in the early 1950’s but only lasted a couple of years before being disbanded.


Military Police armband black MP on blue ground, probably worn in

India by VP Personnel.


A coloured postcard issued by Gale & Polden of

Aldershot from a painting by Ernest Ibbetson


The sleeve of a “Bluecap in service dress showing brass

CMP title on shoulder strap, the Tiger’s head of South East District (1st pattern) and

The sign red VP on a blue diamond worn by all VP personnel.


            June 1944 “Bluecaps” of Southern Command escorting German and Italian

Prisoners of War from the railway station at Kempton Park racecourse to the

POW camp.


Three smart Private’s in the Vulnerable Points

Wing CMP dressed in service dress, the man on

The right has a good conduct stripe with a trade badge

SP in wreath (Special Proficiency) which was connected

to trade pay.