Unit 1-Finding Common Ground and Relationships

        Argumentative Essay

Historical Piece- Speech by Abraham Lincoln “The Gettysburg address”; Bill Clinton’s Speech “Oklahoma Bombing Memorial” and blog by Eboo Patel “Making the Future Better Together”

        Short Story by Nadine Gordimer “Once upon a time”

        Novel Reading- The Wave

        Theme, Cultural References Analyzing Language

Unit 2-The Struggle for Freedom

        Informative Essay

History Writing and Understanding:  Martin Luther King, Jr. ; Dairy of Ahdaf Soueif from “Cairo: My City, Our Revolution”; Memoir by Azar Nafisi from “Reading Lolita in Tehran” ; Graphic Novel by Marjane Satrapi from “Persepolis 2” ; Short Story by Luisa Valenzuela “The Censors”

        Student Debate

        Novel Animal Farm

Compare and Contrast with King’s Speech  

Unit 3-The Bonds Between Us

        Poetry: Analysis and understanding techniques  

        Analyzing characters, letter writing, journal writing, public service announcement.

Literary Analysis

Unit 4-Sweet Sorrow

        Narrative Writing- Creative writing and Personal Narratives

        Romeo and Juliet: synonyms, word choice, analyze language and cause and effect

Unit 5-A Matter of Life or Death

        Compare and Contrast Essay from Literary Works

        Strategies for Annotation

        Reflective Writing- Writing from overall Theme

Unit 6-Heros and Quests

        From the “Odyssey The Cyclops” Homer, translated by Robert Fitzgerald

        Figurative Meanings and determining meanings