Middletown Springs Selectboard • Thursday, September 27, 2018

Regular Meeting Unapproved Minutes


BOARD PRESENT: H. Childress, C, Fenton, P. Kenyon, T. Redfield

TOWN OFFICERS: Laura Castle, Town Clerk; Sarah Grimm, Auditor; Bill Reed, Road Foreman (8:00 p.m.)

PUBLIC AND GUESTS: Art Castle, Joe Castle, Dylan Manning, Tyler Manning, Richie Miller, Stan Rhodes (Volunteer Fire Association), Tasha Turan (Conservation Committee)

CALLED TO ORDER: 7:03 p.m.


Minutes: P. Kenyon moved to approve the minutes of the September 13 meeting as corrected; T. Redfield 2nd; [all others in favor, motion carried].


Public Comment: We discussed the proposed bond issue with the fire company members present, sharing the research we had done about the bond funding process. The Board and Fire Company agreed to work together to develop a multi-facility bond issue for voter consideration at Town Meeting 2019.


Tasha Turan represented the Conservation Commission to attend the annual statewide meeting of the Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions, and to pay the annual AVCC membership fee. P. Kenyon moved to reimburse the event registration for Tasha Turan and Elizabeth Cooper, and the annual membership fee (totaling $130); H. Childress 2nd [all in favor, motion carried]. We encouraged the MS Conservation Commission to develop a list of material and labor needs to sustain the Sullivan Woods preserve. P. Kenyon moved to authorize the MS Conservation Commission to purchase up to $100 worth of trail markers and supplies from the Conservation Commission’s reserve fund; H. Childress 2nd [all in favor, motion carried].


Town Officers: LHS has conducted their periodic maintenance of the tabulator in advance of the November election.


Highway: Bill has received the proposal for salt from Cargill, at a cost increase over 2017-18: 175 ton commitment at $79.53 per ton ($13,918 total, against an annual salt budget of $15,000). T. Redfield moved to sign a contract with Cargill for 175 tons at $79.53 per ton; P. Kenyon 2nd [all in favor, motion carried]. We’ll be getting first deliveries of sand late next week.


Bill met with Josh Carvajal of VT ANR to review progress on Norton and Buxton projects; Mr. Carvajal will provide an extension for all projects to allow us to work past October 1 where needed. The foundation pour for the Spruce Knob foundation will be done next week, and the culvert installed soon thereafter. One lane at a time will be opened during most of construction.  


There has been some work to do on the backhoe; LifTech will be here tomorrow to replace fittings and brackets. The grader is nearing the end of its useful service life, and Bill has been investigating replacements. The 7600 is at Earle’s.


The road crew has caught up on a lot of deferred projects, thanks to full staffing. There are still several plugged culverts, including a very long run (~100’) where North Street becomes Class IV; Bill is working on possible resolutions. He is also working with VTRANS on developing a water remediation strategy for Daisy Hollow.


Town Lands: H. Childress has been working to develop a proposal for the VTRANS Transportation Alternatives Program to fund a planning study for Town use of the West Street property. The application deadline for that is October 17.


The Building Committee is meeting with the fundraising consultant next Thursday for first coordination.


Solid Waste: Large Waste / Metal day is Saturday, October 6, 6am to noon. H. Childress will be working at the transfer station; Terry Redfield, Patty Kenyon, Glen Moyer, Richie Miller and Brent Clark will be working at the West Street large waste site on West Street. We have made our request for four containers to Hubbard.



·      Petition for ballot item November 2018 on Climate Solutions Resolution, signed by 38 people—Sean Ruck, sponsor. H. Childress moved to put this item on the November ballot once the signatures are verified to be Town voters; P. Kenyon 2nd; [all in favor, motion carried]

·      Confidential letter to be opened only by Chris Fenton, Selectboard Chair

·      Service/Installation bill from Countryside Alarm

·      Requests for 2019 from VT Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired, and GreenUp VT

·      Announcements of two VT Local Roads training events

·      VLCT News Aug/Sept 2018

·      Deere parts catalog

·      Ads for Bobcat equipment, ProPac winter clothing and emergency supplies


T. Redfield will draft a letter about loose and barking dogs on Daisy Hollow, Fitzgerald Road, and East Street.


Board Orders: T. Redfield moved to approve the board orders as presented; P. Kenyon 2nd; [all in favor, motion carried].


Executive Session: H. Childress moved to enter executive session, inviting Bill Reed to join us; P. Kenyon 2nd [all in favor, motion carried]. Executive session entered at 9:33 p.m.


Executive session concluded at 10:30 p.m. P. Kenyon moved to raise Bob Parker’s pay by 50¢ per hour beginning at the next pay period, and another 50¢ per hour beginning with the 2019-20 fiscal year; T. Redfield 2nd; [all in favor, motion carried].


Adjourn: H. Childress moved to adjourn; T. Redfield 2nd; [all in favor, motion carried]. Meeting adjourned at 10:33 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Herb Childress, Selectboard Clerk