Middletown Springs Selectboard • Thursday, December 28, 2017

Regular Meeting Unapproved Minutes


BOARD PRESENT: H. Childress, C. Fenton, P. Kenyon, T. Redfield

TOWN OFFICERS PRESENT: Jenny Munyak, Treasurer


CALLED TO ORDER: 7:03 p.m.


Minutes: T. Redfield moved to approve the minutes of the meeting of 12/14; P. Kenyon 2nd; [all in favor, motion carried]. T. Redfield moved to approve the minutes of the meeting of 12/21; P. Kenyon 2nd; [all in favor, motion carried].


Town Officers: Treasurer Munyak reported a significant 2nd quarter tax income, but still roughly $28,000 short of expectations; she will send notifications to those who are overdue.


The Board worked with the Treasurer to complete a full draft of the budget, including estimated income.


The Board has received a proposal from Beth Miller to do the layout and design of the 2017 Town Report. H. Childress moved to accept this proposal and award the contract for production to Beth Miller; T. Redfield 2nd; [all in favor, motion carried].


Highway: There have been a handful of mailboxes and other roadside objects clipped by the plow truck’s wing plow; no significant damage to property or equipment. The JCB backhoe continues to have a fuel-freeze problem; the highway crew is now parking it inside the garage, with the pickup moved into the firehouse’s empty bay.


We’ve received a comment from Richard Ventrella about the changed plowing patterns in the turnaround at the end of Garron Road, and have referred it to the Highway department.


Solid Waste: Busy pre-Christmas, quiet post-Christmas. The Transfer Station will be open Monday January 1 as normal.



·      notification of price change from Parker sand and gravel pit: $5.00 for sand & gravel, $3.00 for clean fill.

·      report and request from Rutland County Humane Society for $125

·      report and request from SW Vermont Council on Aging for $750

·      VT Department of Taxes equalization study results: Common Level of Appraisal (CLA) 1.0827, Coefficient of Dispersion (COD) 7.8%, both within range not requiring reappraisal.

·      letter from Russ Lattuca asking for renewed winter service related to TH15 (Orchard Road). We will ask Bill to weigh in on the location of the “spur or driveway off TH15” as was noted in the Board’s correspondence of February 2014

·      Job application from Todd Mason


Board Orders: H. Childress moved to approve the Board Orders as presented; P. Kenyon 2nd; [all in favor, motion carried].


Legal: The Sheriff’s Department now has the language needed to operate as the enforcement officer for the junk and junk vehicle ordinance.


Adjourn: H. Childress moved to adjourn; T. Redfield 2nd; [all in favor, motion carried]. Meeting adjourned at 8:39 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Herb Childress, Selectboard Clerk