Daisy Day

By Trish Puharich (JJ No 27)

I am learning to respond to a text using my prior knowledge and experience.

Success Criteria:

  • I can use personal experiences to connect ideas in the text (text to self)
  • I can connect ideas from other texts I have read (text to text)
  • I can use prior knowledge to connect ideas in the text (text to world)

Vocabulary Check:

Use full sentences to answer the following questions

After the daisies are picked what should the students do next?

Pick the stalks off the flowers

Is there any kind of flower you like? If so, what is it? If not, do you know any flowers that others like?

 I like duets flowers

Why did the students put all the flower heads down close together so they were touching each other?

 So there would not be any gaps in the core

  Are the children

  artistic? How do you


 Yes because they made a Kore out of daisy.

Why was Room 13 surprised when they saw the daisies at Jamie’s house?

 Because they were so much daisys

Were there some clues in the article that tells us that Jamie might live on a farm?

 They had cows

Why do you think the daisies at Jamie’s house are so giant?

 They grown that big

Have you ever done something where you worked in a team? What was it and who was in your team?

 Yes when we played rugby I worked with my team



Write the correct spelling of these words from the text