What people are saying about the

Armored Combat League:



“... athletes who meld supreme physicality and unadulterated savagery - for fun.”

Men’s Health website article;


“Welcome to the REAL GAME OF THRONES”


“Former Marines and ultra marathon racers have found a new sport to feed their adrenaline fix”

 The moment you see a man head to toe in medieval armor swing a battle axe at an enemy combatant, you begin to appreciate what Armored Combat League (ACL) can offer.”


  nhpr.org “Intense” & “Fantastic looking weaponry”

engel.house.gov/Congressman, Eliot Engel; “I congratulate you all on your spirit of competition and dedication to your sport and thank you for showing the world the best our nation has to offer.”

abc.go.com “Axe weilding, bone crushing sport of Armored Combat” & “...inexplicable drawn to the comeradery and carnage”

KRQE.com “This is really amazing watching these guys go at it.” & “Fun stuff!”

nytimes.com “— a heightened risk factor that has attracted a certain breed of fighters.”

wics.com “The spectators enjoy all of the action, especially the kids.”