Dear Parents and Guardians,

Beginning February 1st our school will be conducting a state required assessment for English Language Learners.  This assessment is called ACCESS 2.0 and provides important feedback about the progress of our English Language Learners in Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing.   Students will take the test using our school’s computers.  Only students who are currently identified as members of the English Language Learners Program will be assessed.  Most of the assessments will be completed during the first two weeks of February but some may continue into March.  More information about the ACCESS 2.0 assessment is found on the ASD ACCESS 2.0 page,  

If you have any questions about this test, you are encouraged to contact us here at school at 742-7600. You may also contact the District’s English Language Learners Department at 742-4452. Information about the English Language Learners Program in the Anchorage School District can be found on ASD’s website.

As always, with testing, we ask that families plan so that their students are in school and are well rested for testing.  Your patience and support for this process is very much appreciated as this assessment does provide useful information that helps our district and school improve programs for English Language Learners.


Dianne Orr, Principal